White Buffalo Woman Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for embodying the heart of ecological consciousness and native wisdom

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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White Buffalo Woman walked the Great Plains of North America leading the Sioux people from the purity of her Divine Feminine embodiment. Since leaving Earth, as an Ascended Master she’s continued to make her guiding presence known to other indigenous cultures around the world. Through this sacred ceremony she comes once more to support the healing and reconciliation of our indigenous nature, both as divine beings and humans inextricably woven into Mother Earth.

We have woken to how much tribal peoples have suffered at the hands of barbaric colonialism; how their children, cultures, land and food, like Bison, were cruelly taken away; the extent of trauma inflicted; the multigenerational devastation to family, tradition and their wider ecosystems. I had the honour of supporting the healing and empowerment of many First Nations communities across Canada in my private practice and more extensively through my workshops. I was regularly struck and inspired by the vulnerability, resiliency and sense of humour of these brothers and sisters. I believe that because they have suffered so much, and feel resonant memories of ancestral pain, they know the medicine of tears and laughter well. They knew how to laugh and cry from the deep well of their hearts, and generously so in front of their community of tender souls. Feeling these memories alive in my heart now, I return to the honour of supporting and learning from these First Nations peoples, and bearing witness to their heroic rise from intergenerational trauma and systemic oppression.

Though I write of the suffering of our tribal friends, this ceremony is for everyone who wants to more intimately know their indigenousity in spirit and flesh. It is the disconnect from our divine inheritance, the addiction to us-versus-them duality, that has caused so much historic trauma; and it’s trauma, along with viral programming, that has caused an epidemic of disconnect from our body, emotionality, heart, commonality and Gaia. This forgetfulness of who we are as one Family of Light, one interconnected body of sentient life, is foundational to our long dark age, one that’s now coming to a close.

This ceremony is here to accelerate this collective shift and remembrance through personal transformation. Via a direct transmission from White Buffalo Woman, you experience the medicine and message of the Spirit Animal whose consciousness she is at one with. Buffalo, as you likely know, was and is highly revered in North American indigenous cultures, especially in the United States. This animal provided food, clothing, shelter, tools, medicine and other resources. All of the animal was used, and therefore it’s been acknowledged as making many a great sacrifice for the survival and wellbeing of the people. 

Said Black Elk, member of the Lakota people and warrior-leader, “The bison were the gift of a good spirit and were our strength.”

In this ceremony, Buffalo brings the message and medicine of sacrifice once more, but in the context of our old pain; of healing, letting go of — sacrificing — our trauma and outdated beliefs for the sacred, the two words related. This is purification, a transmutation of the inner divides that trauma and viral programming, like religious indoctrination, create. Unified are the fragments of wounded hearts, minds and souls, making safe space for Heaven to come to Earth, for them to bridge inside and out. 

This inner sacrifice helps you remember who you are in relationship to the sacred land. You reconcile with your Holy Spirit — its purity and innocence, what the White Buffalo symbolizes. Nativity in spirit and flesh, in the childlikeness of your soul, is embodied more fully, opening your heart and eyes to the holiness of all that is, to tribal values that cannot separate divinity from daily living, Heaven from Earth.

This ceremony makes all this more real in your awareness by activating the ancient knowledge or consciousness of the sacred peace pipe that lies dormant in your DNA. Normally reserved for those who ceremonially pray with and smoke what the Sioux call chanunpa, who commune with the spirit of this most holy instrument, White Buffalo Woman comes to awaken its old wisdom stories in your vast genetic Cosmic library, where all is known. To help you breathe them in. They wake from their long slumber and dream new dreams in your heart and human awareness, and out into the world. 

Communing with the Oversoul of White Buffalo Woman in this ceremony is thus a communion with this ancient wisdom keeper, the sacred pipe; with the peace, purity and earthen soul you are. You harmonize with these and other interwoven, immaculate qualities this Ascended Master is known for, secreted in your soul, equally yours and you. They birth into your body, heart and mind to the degree you are open and ready, upgrading your psychophysiology with crystalline light and clarity. You are empowered to be a living prayer bridging Gaia and Wakan Tanka or Great Spirit, while consciously harmonized with the ancient presence of White Buffalo Woman, felt most notably in your Holy Heart.

With time, in successive stages of integration, your Heart amplifies its prayer for Earth, words with the same letters. Your rooted stargate body expands its power to broadcast the high Light Realms across this beautiful planet, supporting others to feel this Christ consciousness as their own, especially in their hearts. You attune more deeply to the ancient messages of plantstrees, fungi, rivers, stones, crystals and animals, the stories woven in land and sky. You authentically represent and lovingly serve the awe-inspiring sentience and multiplicity of natural life — secrets it holds, stories of old, medicine untold — and abundantly birth this sacred endowment into the world for others to partake in. 

Indeed, with support from White Buffalo Woman, you live the Old Wise Ways of sacrifice, service, gratitude, grieving, ceremony, ritual, community and honour. You feel these divine qualities as something familiar, something ancient, woven deeply into your ancient soul, and across life. Feeling this tapestry of existence you are, grounded in your earthbody and heart, you can bring a much needed restoration of ecological consciousness to Gaia, a return to the Old Wise Ways, with its expressions in harmony, respect, peace, unity and love for all.  

Via the link below, you are encouraged to set intentions for healing empowerments on any topic you wish. Nothing is too much to ask from White Buffalo Woman. Most of all, trust your heart, and that she will know exactly how to serve your heroic journey of embodying your indigenous soul.

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