White Bat Medicine Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for alchemizing, purifying and embodying our global rebirth

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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If you research animal medicine or animal totem for Bat online, or even in spiritual literature like tarot cards, you’ll find one defining word throughout representing the Great Spirit of the Bat and its medicine: Rebirth. 

Rebirth is exactly what the world is going through right now at a dramatic scale. A substance instrumental in catalyzing it, that even mainstream media is now reluctantly reporting, is the consciousness of Bat. Through gain of function research, the Covid virus was indeed formulated from a Bat. Gain of function means the pathogen is more virulent, both in terms of potency and transmissibility. This is its “gain of function”.

There are obvious nefarious agendas surrounding this virus that millions are waking up to. To summarize in short: Covid is part of a larger biohacking, transhuman agenda aimed at integrating us into a centralized digital dictatorship, akin to China. Fear and sickness (disorder), strategically created through the virus, led to the next phase of the plan, the prescribed order, the “safe solution”: a submissive, controlled populous willing to take the other bioweapon, a “vaccine”. A New World Order (“Fourth Industrial Revolution”), planned for hundreds of years, has been gradually and systematically implemented, with billions of (tax) dollars funnelled into corporations and the ruling elite. Our dark overlords have further profited from “sick-care”, while strengthening their perennial parasitic need for control and power.

For more on this, I invite you to read these articles I wrote here, here and here. And I suggest in that order.

There is a silver lining to all this, or perhaps I should say white. Unbeknownst to the deep state, there is a paradoxical surprise held in the consciousness of Bat, one the world is now ready to more fully understand and embody. A hidden, higher purpose. On the one hand, it goes without saying that both virus and “vaccine” have caused great suffering; and it appears we are moving quickly into the shadow government’s’ totalitarian vision. On the other hand, by spreading a Bat-created virus across the world, our overlords are unwittingly facilitating a global rebirthing process. Bat is working against them!

Consider this from the perspective of energy medicine. The virus is like a global Bat homeopathic, shifting the consciousness of billions at different levels, subtly opening humanity to new possibilities, new perceptive avenues. Though the homeopathic essence of black Bat is not pure due to being tainted by nefarious agendas, its rebirthing consciousness still exists, permeating not only those who catch Covid, but the circumplanetary ether. 

Bat consciousness is quite literally “in the air”, instigating this collective initiation, the beginning stages of a necessary and timely transformative rite of passage from old to new; through the inevitable inner and outer death-rebirth cycles all initiations demand. Well under our overlords’ radar, Bat is surreptitiously leading us from the rapidly crumbling dark empire to our destined Golden Age, one that spiritual traditions from all over the world have prophesied going back thousands of years.

Which brings us to White Bat Medicine, a powerful alchemical antidote whose time has come. It serves to heal pathogenic residue from the Covid bioweapon and, more broadly, purify and upgrade the current painful rebirthing process into its next evolutionary stage. Like carbon to diamond, this sacred medicine comes to alchemize our rebirth from its black Bat template to a higher vibrational, life-giving white template. This ceremony is thus intended to make our personal and collective rebirth with Bat consciousness easier, even joyous and divinely revelatory! We are ready for this now.

Beyond Covid, White Bat Medicine also alchemizes older trauma and program imprints stored in our genome, such as from childhood abuse, into exalted qualities. Those qualities birth into our subatomic universe and human awareness as activated DNA codes associated with White Bat’s supernal consciousness. Instead of being vectors of toxic, conditioned, viral imprints (carbon), we anchor, embody and transmit the Spirit of Rebirth and Divine Truths (diamond).

In setting your intentions, which you are encouraged to do with help via the link below, you may ask to be empowered through the death-rebirth initiatory cycle. Examples of intentions include: having Covid pathogens cleared and the tampered black Bat consciousness template alchemized into pure white; letting go of the old, such as learnt beliefs like I am wrong / bad, and addictive patterns, like staying in trauma bond relationships; feeling courageous in the face of rising loss and uncertainty, opening to its possibilities, and acting with faith. 

Each person’s inner alchemy rebirths the collective consciousness into a purer form, “clearing the air”, and moving us closer to the Golden Age. An evolutionarily and shamanic act of service to ourselves in our own ascension journey, we simultaneously transform the greater whole and pave golden ways for generations to follow. 

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Banner image at the very top (not the one just above) by S J Bennet. Edited and used under the Creative Commons license.