Faith Lost and Found in Our Dying, Awakening World ~ A Poem for Humanity

Faith Lost and Found in Our Dying, Awakening World ~ A Poem for Humanity

When you lose faith
in the world you have known,
as is happening now
for countless many,
an ancient voice
may find your inner ear,
inviting you
to finally have faith
in something else,

the Unknown
you turned from and forgot
many moons ago.

When the fragmented
routines and trivialities
of daily living
lose their semblant ground,
you may feel the warm breeze
of whole groundless being
to build life anew
upon it.

When what you relied on
and took for granted
no longer make sense,
slip from your hands,

when that which you identified with,
jobs and family, friends and health,
cultural and moral ideas of what is so,
of right and wrong,

learned, limiting stories
about who you are,

when all this and more
comes into question,

when you lose grip of it all
and it loses grip of you,

at long last
there’s an opening
to that which is
much, much greater,

to what you’ve been
waiting for
your entire life,

perhaps the only thing
you can be certain of
when all becomes uncertain:

the Still Truth,
the Roaring Lion & Lioness, 
the Creative Genius,
the Vast Kingdom
you are

longing to be made flesh,
rooted in bone,
Heaven on Earth;

your Family of Light,
Orders of Angels above,
the Stars, the Ancients,
God in His & Her infinite expressions
of Pure Love

flooding you,
bearing gifts,
commanding miracles,

doorways to doorways to doorways,

sacred paths of service
for the open,
for the ready,

for you

to join a growing legion
extending their awakened hearts
to the countless ones
lost, disillusioned and broken hearted,

to breathe life and light
into a dying world,

all made known,
all made manifest
as you turn inwards
and accept the offer,
the offer of a lifetime,
of many lifetimes,

as you surrender the old
for the new,

as death gives birth
and you give in 
to life.

Do not deny your grief,
dear one.
Do not deny your rage.
Give your raw humanity
room to breathe during these 
vulnerable and uncertain times,
these times of great loss. 

Let yourself be struck
by the heartbreak of it all,
for through those tear-soaked cracks 
light shines
and you re-member
this, and so much more. 

Let the red hot energy
you feel in witnessing
the injustices, the hypocrisies,
our suffering and suffocating children,
the troubled elite few
who seek to gain
from our pain,

let this Holy Fire of rage
do its alchemical work,
burning away illusions
of what you believed true,

waking you from the nightmare
you thought real,
from the enslavement 
you thought freedom.

Let the heartbreak of grief and rage,
loss and uncertainty,
initiate you into 
clear, subtle, discerning perception,
the Eyes & Ears of your Soul
uncompromised in Truth,

the Sacred Sword rising,
forged from the heat,
bold, brave,
piercing the veil
between dark and light.

Let these swelling 
inner and outer storms
break you free from the chains of
good and obedient,
bowing in emotional restraint,
feeding on a world
feeding on who you are not.

Let them
destroy the known
for the unknown,
the unreal
for the real.

In losing the world,
you no longer lose yourself 
to the world,
and you remember the Self
you’ve always been,

your sovereign divinity
not bound to this Earth,

the untouchable
no one can quarantine,
no one can reduce, tarnish or take away,

the Loving, Powerful One you are
and long for 
more than anything,

your true place of

Herein lies the ever-patient peace
at the centre of all storms,
a peace
which passeth all understanding.

the theatre of shadows and dreams
projected from the One Light
its curtains close soon,

the longstanding story of suffering
now in its final climactic scenes,

a dramatic and necessary ending
to make way for a new story,
a joyous one,
a celebration
birthed through our broken, glowing hearts.

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