Let It Play Itself Out

Let It Play Itself Out

Work It Out or Let It Play Itself Out?

Life is about balance. There is a time to speak and a time to listen. A time to move and a time to rest. And there is a time to work something out in our mind, or let it play itself out.

Generally as a society we are better at the former.

Recently I could not solve a bookkeeping challenge. I let it go, sat on my bed, meditated and out of nowhere the solution spontaneously arose.

Also recently, my web designer said she needed my images to be three times as large. The next day I got a call from a desktop publishing company telling me that they now sell a photo enhancement software. It was just what I needed!

When I let go I am amazed at how the solution comes to me, either through insight or external circumstance.

It is the Spirit of the Child who walks without knowing, who trusts the wisdom of life, stays curious, and remains open to the signals as they arise in the moment.

As you go about your week, be aware if working something out is really productive. Can you release control and be open to the solution arising either from within or without?

Instead of doing it alone, you co-create with the infinite intelligence and possibilities of Life!

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