The Call of The Butterfly ~ Answering the Call of the Awakened Heart

The Call of The Butterfly ~ Answering the Call of the Awakened Heart

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” ~ Richard Bach

There may come a time when you feel the call to become something more than you’ve always been; a call to let go of one way of living, without being clear of exactly where you are going. All you know is that you can no longer stay where you are.

This is the call of the butterfly.

Life only really begins when you answer this call. It is you saying Yes to your soul, and Yes to soul-full living. It is the courageous beginning of a journey away from what no longer feeds your soul, towards a life that allows you to express yourself more fully and authentically. Answering the call awakens your life purpose from within.

For most people, answering the call of the butterfly is a gradual process. Much like a caterpillar, in time you transform your limited identity and life, and open to new realizations of your true Self and the possibilities that come to you. Your life unfolds in new and exciting ways, and you become a conscious participant in creating it.

The call of the butterfly can be summarized in three stages:

1. Answering the Call: Walking away from the old, and saying Yes to the new.

2. Embracing Uncertainty: Having faith in the unknown and any rocky periods.

3. New Beginning: Embracing a more authentic expression of yourself, and a new life that reflects it.

Your real job in life is to emphatically and joyfully say Yes to this calling, and to keep in mind that the journey of awakening is both a natural and joyful process. And if you encounter any rough patches, see them as temporary transitions preparing you to birth something new and wonderful in your life.

For more information on the three stages, read Three Stages of Transformation & Transition.

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  1. I absolutely love your newsletter. I relate to it personally – as you probably know. My only experience was my decision within a few minutes to take time off to go to Africa for a month. What a wonderful feeling it was!

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