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“Vince Gowmon provided an energetic kick-off to The Better Workplace Conference 2012 by facilitating a ‘Leaders at Play’ session with our participants. He was able to engage the whole group in a fun way, which caused what one conference delegate described as a “transformation from quiet strangers to engaged and energetic conference attendees!” This is exactly the experience we wanted participants to have. In addition to having fun, and getting us out of our ‘boxes’ there were many take-aways for delegates to utilize as leaders in their own workplaces. This session was rated as one of the top ten highlights of our three-day conference. I would highly recommend Vince for any leadership training event!” ~ Deborah Connors, President & Managing Director, The Health Work & Wellness™ Group

Vince’s keynotes are unique, fun and interactive. As an opening session, they energize the room, give people the opportunity to get to know one another, and align the delegates with the theme of the conference. As a closing session, they rejuvenate everyone at the end of a long day, and leave them connected and on a positive note.

Keynotes can be led in either of the following formats:

  • Presentation style: A fun and interactive presentation with the room set up in theatre style, with fixed seating or round tables.
  • Experiential style: With an open space, no tables, everyone is moving and participating in fun and interactive activities, getting to know one another, while learning along the way.

Below is a list of topics Vince leads keynotes on. Vince will also custom design a keynote to meet your needs and conference theme.

Watch Vince present: To see excerpts of Vince’s keynotes, please visit his YouTube Channel. There are also a few videos below.

REMEMBERING TO PLAY ~ Inspiring Joy, Freedom & Self-Care

The world needs our playful spirit more than ever! But for many of us, we have been taught to be anything but playful. We have been taught to be adult-like since we were young, infused with expectations and ideas on what is right and wrong. Remembering to Play invites us back into our heart where our authentic Self and inner child reside. Here we reconnect to our creativity, imagination, flexibility, curiosity and more – all necessary skills to thrive in today’s new emerging world.

By sharing fun and inspiring stories, leading engaging activities, and offering practical tools and research, Vince will support you to:

  • Learn how play teaches essential skills to thrive in the new world.
  • Understand the importance of sharing your playful spirit with kids and others.
  • Look at common blocks to play, and why play is disappearing from our world.
  • Learn how we can inspire kids to play simply by being playful ourselves.
  • Explore how play influences your leadership style, capacity to make productive decisions, and ability to practice self-care.
  • Understand how play fosters creativity, and is the gestation period for the ideas and innovation our world needs
  • Discover how play is a different pace than work, and how it invites a different kind of relationship with others.
  • Learn fun and creative ways to bring more playfulness in your personal and professional lives.
  • Open to what is possible if our world becomes more playful.

Watch Vince present Remembering to Play!

“Vince Gowmon keynoted Remembering to Play and received overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic feedback. The energy and laughter in the room was wonderful to experience. Vince had an ability to keep the participants engaged and created a playful and play-filled learning experience using visual aids and interactive activities that got everyone to connect with each other. His passion for the importance of play was evident in his inspirational message as he spoke from the heart. It was a pleasure to have him present for our conference and I would be delighted to have him return for a future event!” ~ Catherine Carter Clark, Regional Coordinator, Vancouver Island Child Care Resource & Referral

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LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE OUT ~ Attributes and Practices for Leading in the New World

Traditionally, leaders have been viewed as being at the top of the chain of command, authoritative, directive, and logical; they have generally held fort from a paternalistic, unilateral approach. Now, however, we are recognizing that for communities, organizations, and our entire planet to thrive, a new kind of leader must be born—one who imbues a collaborative mindset, and engages with emotional and social intelligence.

No longer can we wait for others to fulfill this role. It’s time that each of us be the leader we are waiting for, to recognize we are always at the front of the room and having an impact. This requires a higher degree of self-awareness and personal responsibility, as well as the courage to step outside the limits we’ve always placed on ourselves such that we lead and serve more fully from our heart and potential.

In this fun, inspiring and practical keynote, Vince shares his courageous and wild story of living four years below the poverty line, and the risks he took to follow his heart and become the leader he is now, presenting to thousands of people a year. By participating, you will:

  • Examine the attributes and practices that serve empowered leadership and team cohesion in work and life.
  • Learn the importance growing as a person and professional—choosing to be self-aware and conscious of your impact; moving out of victim energy and towards personal responsibility
  • Better discern between the challenges happening within you and in your team, and the hidden opportunities that want to happen
  • See everyone as a teacher to learn from, especially the difficult people you work with
  • Become more proactive in how you lead and relate to others, versus reactive
  • Remember that leading is not necessarily about making people feel happy or comfortable, but rather doing/saying what’s needed in order to activate one’s inner ethical compass, including personal values and integrity
  • Learn to trust your intuition in the face of adversity, when everything and everyone around you says otherwise
  • Leave the keynote inspired to apply your new found learning and lead from the inside out

“Vince Gowmon led an energizing keynote on leadership at ECEBC’s 2016 provincial conference. His ability to lead such a large group through his own personal journey of leadership and then tie it into their own was inspirational to both well-seasoned and new early childhood educators from across the province. The combination of humour and intentness set the tone. Afterwards, strong dialogue and energy carried throughout the weekend. One delegate said, ‘Vince inspired me to dig deeper into my own capacity as a leader in my community’. Whereas another said, ‘He made me cry, laugh and think differently all within a few minutes.’” ~ Emily Mlieczko, Executive Director, Early Childhood Educators of BC

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LET THE FIRE BURN ~ Nurturing the Creative Spirit of Children
Based on Vince’s Book!

LTFB Thumbnail

Children are here to help us birth a new world. They are coming into this planet with higher levels of awareness and perception than we had, and with unique gifts, talents, needs and desires. These inner qualities make up their unique imprint or creative fire, and point to a purpose for being here that can only be found in their heart.

Children are not here to re-create the tried and tested. Rather, in this critical time in humanity’s evolution they are here to offer something new and needed—to lead us down unprecedented innovative paths, elevating and transforming our existing paradigms and models, and leading us to healthier, happier and more productive ways of living.

And we as adults have an important role to play in this. The question is: Are we listening? Are we paying attention? Are we availing ourselves to the power and potential of their creative fire?

In this fun and inspiring keynote, you will:

  • Better understand the creative fire that lies in each one of us, and why it is more important than ever to listen to it
  • Learn why children are so deeply connected to their creative fire, and how the fire speaks through each child
  • Understand the Rascal that lies within each child, and the purpose it serves 
  • Discover how play fosters creativity, and why it is the gestation period for the ideas and innovation our world needs
  • Learn the many colorful and engaging ways you can support children to feel and express their creative fire
  • Explore how you can nurture your own fire, and why doing so is paramount to nurturing the fire in every child
  • Gain a better appreciation for how children are our wise and powerful teachers, inviting our own inner child and creative fire to come out and play
  • Discover why children are here to help us birth a new world, and why the expression of their gifts and talents is essential to the future of our planet

“During his Let the Fire Burn keynote, Vince Gowmon most definitely ‘lit the fire’ within a large group of family child care providers. Vince helped to reinforce the importance of ‘fanning the flames’ within each of the youngsters we see each day, and he gave us some great tools to help do that. It was so touching to remember the important ‘sparks’ existing in each of us, and how vital it is to let them grow and become beautiful, unique ‘fires’ to add new life and ideas to the world. Our time with Vince kept everyone happy, energized, and engaged; and we left with so much to consider as we went back to the most influential people for bringing about necessary change to the world—our precious children. Vince has a gift for presenting in a very personal, touching manner with humour, joy and passion. He is a captivating speaker with his own great ‘Fire’ to share.” ~ Shauna Lockhart, Director, BC Family Child Care Association

“Vince was an engaging and energetic keynote speaker at our annual conference. He is passionate about children and really added some sparkle to our event. We left feeling inspired, energized, and with a greater appreciation for the work we do with children. Vince has a refreshing and down to earth approach in terms of the importance of play in our lives. He really gets you thinking about the need to live in the moment and take everyday interactions as learning and growing opportunities.” ~ Community Options – A Society for Children and Families

“What an amazing experience last night! Vince, thanks so much for coming to our community to enlighten us and help us open up to the power of the creative spirit! Enjoyed every second, learned so much and had tons of fun!” ~ Seanah Roper, Executive Director, Fort Nelson Community Literacy Society

Watch Vince present Let the Fire Burn!

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THE SPIRIT OF YES AND ~ The Art of Co-Creative and Engaged Living

Yes And means YES to Me, AND to You!
Yes But means YES to Me, BUT to You.
BUT Separates. AND Joins!

We are very well trained to say Yes But. When we do, we put our attention on limits and back on ourselves. The Spirit of Yes And is all about possibilities, collaboration and giving something back. It is a revolutionary and necessary mindset, a reciprocal dance of engagement, that when practiced enables all to have a voice, be heard, and be included; it allows for creativity to shine and relationships to strengthen.

In this fun and inspiring keynote:

  • Vince will share many funny and inspirational stories that demonstrate the power and practicality of Yes And
  • Discover how more and more workplaces are adopting the Spirit of Yes And into their relationship systems
  • Understand how the Spirit of Yes And is essential to creativity, consensus building, trust and connection
  • Learn specific communication techniques that will allow you to begin practicing Yes And immediately
  • Strengthen your capacity to turn obstacles into opportunities – to create from or Yes And them
  • Gain a better appreciation for allowing others to have their perspectives and ideas, for traveling through other people’s realities
  • Learn how our need for agreement gets in the way of connection and collaboration
  • Explore how Yes And is the inherent mind/heart-set of children, and how it can be used to nourish their spirit and imagination
  • Discover how the Intelligence of Life operates from Yes And, and why Yes And supports us to work with (not against) Life
  • Feel empowered and excited to use the simplicity and power of Yes And in all areas of your life

“Engaging, motivating, joyous and uplifting are only a few of the many adjectives one could use to describe Vince as he invites you to walk with him on this journey called Remembering to Play. It has been over half a year since Vince gave his keynote address to our annual All Staff Gathering of 300+ and staff still smile and say ‘Yes AND…..!’ when we do team-building or brainstorming events. I challenge you to reflect on how many keynote addresses have a shelf-life with staff like that!” ~ Theo Madeley, Director-HR, Immigration Services Society of BC

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TAKING THE RISK TO STAND OUT ~ Following Your Creative North Star | For Youth

“When you are born into a world where you don’t fit in, it’s because you were born to help create a new one.” ~ Anonymous

More than ever, we are seeing that young people would rather succeed at fitting in than fail at standing out. Yet, especially now, in this conflicted world, we cannot afford this loss of inner resourcefulness, for them, or the planet. Humanity needs fresh, creative ideas if our planet is to survive and thrive in this new emerging and troubled world. And that means we need kids to take the risk to stand out with their inner genius, including their curious minds, unbounded imagination, inherent wisdom, and burgeoning dreams and desires.

In this fun, interactive and inspiring talk, participants will:

  • Explore examples of young people who have done great things with very little
  • Learn the value of listening to one’s own heart, even at the cost of disappointing others
  • Discover that courage and creativity goes hand in hand with standing out
  • Explore why we don’t want to stand out, including examining the beliefs we have that hold us back 
  • Distinguish the voice of fear from the voice of intuition 
  • Using fun activities, begin the process of playing with dreams and divergent thinking
  • Understand how each of us has the power to change the world through our inherent gifts and talents

“While listening to you I observed your youthful audience. Not one attendee was phoning, twittering, tweeting, texting or blogging – all eyes and ears were on your presentation. I could have heard a pin drop. The same applied to the mature members of the audience. In fact, one Lion executive commented that your enthusiasm and message is the exact injection Lionism needs. Two thumbs up! Way up!!” ~ Kirk Dickson, Program Director, District 19A – Leo Spring Conference 2016, Lions Clubs International

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WHEN YOU SLOW DOWN ENOUGH ~ Touching the Empty Space of Possibilities 

We live in a world that encourages us to move, think and even speak fast. Our embedded socio-economic systems are filled with pressures and expectations, lists of To-Do’s and To-Get-There’s, that make being slow a difficult option to choose, even recognize. Part of this is imposed on us—it is part of the collective story that we all live in. But so much this rapidity is self-imposed. We are addicted to it, and perhaps even fearful of what may happen if we walk away and create room for ourselves.

In this inspiring keynote, Vince will share why slowing down is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to do so. Learn how taking time to fall into silence and solitude helps you reclaim your Self, your right to have a voice, and to live the life you want. Discover the many things you can learn about yourself, and others, by creating space for you, and uncover common blocks that may impede your willingness to touch the empty space of possibilities.

Specifically, Vince will share how slowing down supports you to:

  • Access your creativity and imagination
  • Become aware of feelings, needs and desires you did not know existed before
  • Change your relationship with others in a more positive way
  • Practice greater self-care and improve your health
  • Learn how to say No to others so that you may say Yes to you
  • No longer fear your aloneness, and all it holds
  • Make this moment, and yourself, enough
  • And much more!

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HOW BIG IS YOUR PLAYGROUND? ~ Expand Creative Possibilities for You and Others

Life is our playground, and we can choose to play as big as we want to. What determines how big we play is our perception, beliefs, attitudes and choices. They define the edges of what is possible, not only for ourselves, but for the important people in our life, including children. They define the edges of our fun, health, learning and development. They define the parameters of our school curriculum, business practices, parenting approaches, and social policy. Our inner landscape is reflected outwardly in all facets of life.

The question is, are you examining what you hold to be true? Are you questioning how you see others and life? Are you conscious of what you are choosing, why, and its impact on others? Without self-awareness, we will narrow our playground to a tiny drop, instead of the vastness of the ocean. And we will limit the creative potential of ourselves, and others.

By sharing fun and inspiring stories, leading engaging activities, and offering practical tools, Vince will support you to:

  • Understand how our external playground is simply a reflection of our inner landscape.
  • Examine how our beliefs and attitudes influence our perception, and how perception influences the choices we make. 
  • Discover common beliefs, attitudes and choices that either expand or block our playground of possibilities.
  • Learn practical tools to help expand our playground, including the one question we all need to begin asking ourselves. 
  • Feel more excited to expand your playground and empower others to do the same.
  • See the greater possibilities for our planet if we expand our view of what’s possible. 

Watch Vince presenting How Big is Your Playground?:

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COMMUNICATING FROM THE HEART ~ Empowering You and Your Relationships

Communication can be a messy process. It is not easy to express our true feelings, and hear the honest feelings of others. It is not easy to share when we doubt ourselves, or feel that our ideas won’t be welcomed. It is especially challenging because, for most, we have not been taught to communicate, nor have we had healthy communication modelled to us at any consistent level.

Communicating from the heart is a lost art that must be reclaimed if we are to empower ourselves and our relationships. It is essential if we want to experience success and fulfillment in all aspects of our life. Relationship systems that regularly speak with honesty, and with courage and care, thrive the most. Those that don’t, soon discover that what is not being said spills over in unhealthy and unproductive ways.

In this inspiring, fun and highly practical keynote, Vince will support you to:

  • Realize how communicating from the heart is an act of self-worth.
  • Learn the one key communication skill that is the foundation for communicating from the heart.
  • Understand that to communicate, we must learn to dance between giving and receiving.
  • Discover how to ask for what you want so that others truly hear and respect your need.
  • Explore how the need to agree blocks self-expression and genuine sharing.
  • Discover the power of letting people have their experience through listening and empathy.
  • Overcome the need to fix or solve other’s problems, and learn ways to help them find their own solutions.
  • Uncover common blocks to communicating from the heart.

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