Our Animal Friends, Bodies and Children Deserve More: Choosing Conscious and Kind Eating (That Can Include Animal Products)

Our Animal Friends, Bodies and Children Deserve More: Choosing Conscious and Kind Eating (That Can Include Animal Products)

Before reading this article, please know that I’m very aware of the push by the dark forces to co-opt the vegan movement, based on their climate crisis narrative, which is an utter climate scam. I’m aware of how they are targeting our food systems, as tyrants do — destroying meat processing plants, trying to move us towards unhealthy fake meat substitutes and bugs, attempting to convince us that cow farts and manure are disasters for carbon “pollution,” and manipulating food science in favour of Big Business. 

They do this and more while pretending to be our planet saviours. And yet no one destroys Mother Earth more than they.   

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

As we evolve spiritually, we change our relationship with Mother Earth and all her sentient inhabitants. It becomes increasingly impossible to partake in habits we once did that harm other beings. In our awakening world, we clearly see shifts in how we parent and educate children, our relationship with water, air and soil, and in the growing movement to consume organic, spray-free produce and ethically treated animal products. 

In terms of the latter, my prayer is that you open to the possibility of considering only eating cruelty-free animal products — meat, dairy, eggs. All three. You are an animal lover, I’m sure. But being an animal lover must extend beyond those we have in our home or appreciate from a distance. Being a true animal lover means having a deep, compassionate, abiding commitment to only eat animal products that have been treated with the highest of respect. I trust this is obvious to you.

Yet very few do this, despite knowing how abhorrent their treatment is in industrial farming. Each day, almost all in the West eat tortured, chemical- and anti-biotic-laced meat, dairy and eggs, and feed them to their children!

No, torture isn’t too strong a word. People who dare to do their research and take in the horrific images and video, and who are willing to brave the uncomfortable feelings that follow — like shock, anger, healthy shame and grief — unequivocally know that torture is the perfect descriptor.

These emotions, I’ll add, hold guiding wisdom for us, if we care to listen and gather. They serve the sacred purpose of confirming (disturbing) truth, and expanding it into our awareness, so that truth sinks deeper into our hearts, where truth lies. 

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I’m a vegan, in case you are wondering, and have no issue with people eating animal products. I’m not a vegan pusher, I’m not a proselytizer, annoyingly selling veganism to others. People have eaten animal products for thousands of years on this planet. And great numbers continue to feel better, and have chronic issues healed by leaning into an animal-rich diet.

Therefore, who am I to tell people what to eat?

It’s not about what, though, but how this “food” has been treated that captures my curious concern; and how it is possible for people — good-hearted, everyday folks, people not financially burdened and with access to alternatives — to want it… and feed it to their kids!

How, I wonder, indeed — because self-proclaimed “animal lovers,” with cats and dogs, parrots and ferrets, have no problem supporting industries that torture animals in the name of “food.” What I suggest to you is that, sometimes, it’s this same consciousness of denial that eats abused animals in the first place. It takes a lack of heartfelt conscience, which comes from our state of consciousness, to consume tortured animal products without a care, and while believing ourselves to be an animal lover. It takes a fair amount of self-deception, complacency and inner numbness to avoid the self-responsibility and heartbreak animals, and our world, greatly deserve. 

To be more specific, it takes patterns of unresolved self-shame, self-blame, self-punishment, and self-violence to consume — resonate energetically with — industries and their animal products treated from these same unresolved patterns rampant in our world, ones rooted in trauma and programming. Unresolved patterns that perpetuate and normalize astounding violence and hypocrisy. It takes denied, disavowed pain to feed off of pain to this degree, and be perfectly okay with it. 

And we wonder why the world is the way it is? 

Who is feeding off of these tortured animal products, you might ask — people full or empty of life?

This segues to another important question: What happens if we raise this pained consciousness? What if we embark on a journey of healing and empowerment? A journey of awakening to our Higher Self, to our deeply loving nature, the one inside that knows itself as One with Life — including all animals?

I suggest that with more life force flowing through our system arising from inner work, and more unity consciousness flowing from our hearts, we may find ourselves craving less tortured animal products; and possibly, likely, less dense foods, with the most dense being meat. Spontaneously, with inner transformation, a natural draw may arise, a draw from our instinctual, knowing body towards ethically treated animal products; and more, to lighter foods altogether, like fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes, wild mushrooms and herbs. (Not fake, processed vegan products funded by dark “philanthropists.”)

In becoming more enlightened, isn’t only natural that we eat lighter?

Lighter also means something else. With healing and empowerment, and more chi, prana, life force flowing through our bodies, we may find ourselves eating less. Our boundless divinity, our Christ or Buddha consciousness is what ultimately sustains and determines the health of our physical, mental and emotional bodies, more than anything else. It’s why certain advanced, light-embodied souls have gone decades with no food, even water. This is perfectly possible, for those who are ready. 

I’m 6’2, weight 200 pounds, lift weights six days a week, and actively ride my bike and walk. I only eat two meals a day, consuming far beneath the recommended calorie intake for someone of my size and energy output. I take no supplements, not even B12. Sure, I get a bit of B12 in some of the food I eat, like pasta, but I’m not even coming close to the recommended daily intake. Why? And how is it possible for me to consume such little food given my size and life style? Because of all the work I’ve done on myself, and the activated light anchored in my body — Vitamin L. 

Though I spent most of my life eating animal products, I crave none now. The two reasons are — my state of consciousness, and my bioenergetic field demanding lighter, nutrient dense food, packed with life force. Animal products have little to no life force, especially when cooked or pasteurized (as in milk). Though they have nutrients like iron and B12, in terms of prana, they are essentially dead weight. This, compared to plants that derive and sustain energy from sunlight and soil, and have oodles of powerful antioxidants, minerals and amino acids essential to our health. 

Have you ever noticed that you can keep eating junk food, like potato chips, and not feel full, despite going through many bags? It’s actually not the amount of food that fills you, ultimately, but the nutritional quality, and your body getting its nutritional needs met. And it’s the consciousness of the food, its light quotient, that makes you feel full, if not alive. 

*                    *                    *

Taking all this in, I remind you that “normal” is a relative concept. And it’s a complete illusion. Things we consider normal today, like how we educate children and our eating habits, do not mirror other parts of the world, and behaviours in our past. And much of what we consider normal on this planet, like dating, does not occur in advanced societies in other star systems. In higher dimensional planes, there is no such thing as dating (or “boyfriends” and “girlfriends”), because people k-nownow. And so there is no need to find out.

Incarnate souls in higher, advanced societies would never eat tortured animals. This, for them, as it should be for all, is complete insanity! If they do eat, it’s light food, only; or they don’t eat at all. Like masters of this world, they are so animated by the light of life, it’s the only fuel their body needs. The myriad light bodies of their soul and their denser form have coalesced deeply, intimately, into one luminous manifestation of love. Eating would only get in the way of this. 

In this dense 3D dimension, we are still content eating denser foods because it matches our personal frequency, and the low, toxic frequencies of the collective field we have been programmed by. We blithely participate in unhealthy behaviours in lock-step with the conditioned masses, like in how we circumcise babies without question, consume violent media, and place our kids in abusive, mind controlling school systems. All this is “normal.” Change our frequency, however, raise our consciousness, and illusions of “normal” dissolve. We may find our bodies wanting, if not demanding higher frequency, lighter, loving food — food that harmoniously supports our expanding state of consciousness, our purpose on Earth, and Earth herself. 

We may find ourselves living more like the Masters and Star Beings we are — beings of light!

Most of all, as we heal and raise our consciousness, our sacred rose hearts purify, and their precious petals unfurl. From patterns of wounding and protection, our hearts spiral open to love; and with this, there becomes an undeniable inner conflict that becomes impossible to ignore. We simply cannot buy that product or eat that meal in the restaurant we once did. The loving, compassionate integrity of our cardinal hearts shouts a clear No! The Wise One within, the discerning Truth-seer speaks on behalf of our bodies, and the bodies of all sentient beings, including our home, Gaia. 

We eat for our own health. But we also eat for the wellbeing of others. Our body, our sacred temple, is not separate from all bodies on this planet, and the body of Mother Earth. What we choose affects all — air, soil, water, our animal friends, the plant and mineral realms. And it affects our children, and grandchildren, who deserve this commitment from us, to eat food graced by love. 

*                    *                    *

Prayer for Mealtime
Thank you dear food
for nourishing me,
for blessing me with your
nutrients and life force,
for ensuring my body is
healthy and happy.
Thank you
Divine Mother and Divine Father,
Mother Earth and Father Sky,
farms and farmers,
packagers and truck drivers,
wholesalers and retailers.
Thank you to all who
make it possible for me
to gather food I desire
with ease,
to share and enjoy it
with my family.
Blessed I Am!
Blessings to this Food!
In the deepest of

*                    *                    *

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