Our Animal Friends, Bodies and Children Deserve More: Choosing Conscious and Kind Eating (That Can Include Animal Products)

Our Animal Friends, Bodies and Children Deserve More: Choosing Conscious and Kind Eating (That Can Include Animal Products)

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

As we evolve spiritually, we change our relationship with Mother Earth and all her sentient inhabitants. It becomes increasingly impossible to partake in habits we once did that harm other beings. In our awakening world, we clearly see shifts in how we parent and educate children, our relationship with water, air and soil, and in the growing movement to consume organic, spray-free produce and ethically treated animal products. 

In terms of the latter, my prayer is that you open to the possibility of considering only eating cruelty-free animal products — meat, dairy, eggs. You are an animal lover, I’m sure. But being an animal lover must extend beyond those we have in our home or appreciate from a distance. Being a true animal lover means having a deep, compassionate, abiding commitment to only eat animal products that have been treated with the highest of respect. I trust this is obvious to you. Yet very few, less than 1% of the western world, do this, despite knowing how abhorrent their treatment is. Each day, almost all in the West eat tortured, chemical- and anti-biotic-laced meat, dairy and eggs, and feed them to their children!

This has to absolutely stop! 

We are a sick society because of this consumption pattern. Animal products, especially meat, are dense, hard to digest, and lack the most vital nutrient for our system — Vitamin L ~ Love, Light, Life Force! It’s Chi, Prana, Life Force that sustains and determines the health of our physical, mental and emotional body more than anything else. It’s why certain advanced, light-embodied souls go decades with no food, even water. Animal products have little to no life force. Though they have nutrients, like iron and B12, in terms of Prana, they are essentially dead weight. This, compared to plants that derive and sustain energy from sunlight and soil, and have oodles of powerful antioxidants, minerals and amino acids essential to our health. 

I’m not suggesting you become a vegan or vegetarian. (And please listen to your body and health professional where needed.) I’m asking you to consider knowing, in detail, where the animal products are sourced from and how they are treated — both in the grocery store and restaurant. To not be afraid to ask, because they, you and your children deserve it! 

As you heal, you lighten. You have more space in your system for the light of your soul to anchor into your cells. The more you lighten, the more you naturally crave light food, both in terms of life force and digestibility. In this dense, 3D dimension, lower vibrational humans are still content eating denser foods because it matches their frequency. Change your frequency and your body demands higher frequency, lighter food. 

Most of all, as you heal, you purify your heart. And as your heart opens, there becomes an undeniable inner conflict that becomes impossible to ignore. You simply cannot buy that product or eat that meal in the restaurant you once did. The loving, compassionate integrity of your soul shouts a clear No! It speaks on behalf of your body, and the body of all sentient beings, including our home, Gaia. 

You eat for your own health. But you also eat for the wellbeing of others. Your body is not separate from all bodies on this planet, and the body of Mother Earth. What you choose affects all — air, soil, water, our animal friends, plant kingdom and mineral kingdom. 

It’s time, everyone – we must choose love!

PS: Let’s call our dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals we live with “animal friends / companions”, not “pets”. Like our children, partner and human friends, we do not own them. This is one small but important way we can bring more respect in our relationship with animals, and life!

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Prayer for Mealtime
Thank you dear food
for nourishing me,
for blessing me with your
nutrients and life force,
for ensuring my body is
healthy and happy.
Thank you
Divine Mother and Divine Father,
Mother Earth and Father Sky,
farms and farmers,
packagers and truck drivers,
wholesalers and retailers.
Thank you to all who do
less than fulfilling work
so that I can eat food
each day with ease,
which, I recognize,
for millions
is much more
than they eat
in a week.
Blessed I Am!
Blessings to this Food!
In the deepest of

*                    *                    *

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