Platinum Ray Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for advanced initiation into the Light of Truth of your Platinum Soul

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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The Platinum Ray is shimmering, incandescent Truth, cascading from the Light Realms into your cells, mind and heart, inviting you further into the mystery of who you are. From On High, it dazzles and dissolves all that is not Truth, initiating you into forgotten realms the believing mind cannot quantify, reach — grasp. 

There is no signature medicine or message of the Platinum Ray, no one way it can be captured or defined. And though the rational, categorizing mind may not like that, paradoxically, that is the Platinum Ray’s medicine and message. It comes in this ceremony not to satisfy logic and reason, not to keep you in a comfortable box of understanding, but to initiate you into the secret, unknown spaces between thoughts and your transcendence of them. 

Before elucidating the details of this ceremony further, let’s first explore Truth, and how it differs from the mental domain of belief. 

*                    *                    *

Humanity has for thousands of years confused belief for Truth. Religious, cultural, political, professional, personal beliefs have created views of self, other and life that are shallow at best, and completely flawed and destructive at worse. Look within the word be-lie-f and you find a little known secret — be lie. Identified with learnt beliefs that do not sparkle with the divine origins of Truth, and we cling to an identity and story, a believer, that is a lie. This is the illusory self made from the illusory world. 

You are not your name, story, body or role. And yet most believe they are, each day throughout, without question, without careful inquiry. You’ve had many other lifetimes with different names, stories, bodies and roles. You may be Janet the accountant this lifetime, but you might have been John the thief in a previous one. So you are either all of it, or none of it. 

The Absolute Truth the Platinum Ray broadcasts transcends all that is temporary and illusory — the relative truths that make up your human existence. Relative truths of name, story, body and role are very real at the human level. If you bump your elbow, the pain is undeniable. If you lose your job, so is your fear. But as real as these experiences are, they are still part of the temporary story, the simulacrum of form. They are not Truth. 

Beliefs can carry the sweet fragrance of Truth or the distortions of small or big programmed lies. If you say “I think you need to turn left,” and the belief is rooted in intuition, then the mind reflects Higher Truth. It is your knowing Soul, seeing the higher picture or map, expressing through your human-thinking awareness. If you believe I need to stay in this (toxic) relationship, it’s likely that this story is not rooted in intuitive Truth, but programmed lies and fear. The belief is encouraging you to be a lie to yourself, and your partner. It belies the Truth in your Heart. 

Contending with lies and their underwriting, energetic matrices of fear and shame is part of the deal when incarnating into difficult planets like Earth. We choose, as a rite of passage, to learn through darkness and its veils (lies) to Light. Difficult situations invite, if not force us to listen to our Heart and sacrifice that which tells us not to. They summon us to choose from the Royal Throne of our Heart, which does not lie, but holds us in the highest light. 

The inner calling of Truth is subtler than belief, in most cases. It is a feeling, a felt-knowing not of the thinking mind but the whispering Heart. It knows in mysterious ways what the shallow mechanics of belief cannot. When we experience revelation or great joy, something extraordinary, we say, “It’s unbelievable!” Our thinking mind cannot grasp the mysterious magnitude of what’s occurred. It’s too good to believe, but not too good to be true.

There are times we feel we must do something unusual, or we know something unusual, and we don’t know why or how. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m going to marry that woman, even though I’ve only just seen her, without a word spoken. We know without knowing how we know. Our felt-knowing conflicts with the why and how our rational mind demands answers to as justification for the inexplainable — the unbelievable. 

Truth whispers in the Heart and summons us towards what belief, alone, cannot fathom or make sense of. Belief and its logical reasoning are powerless to the forces of felt-knowing once we take them to Heart; once we affirm unwavering Truth and walk bravely towards the woman of destiny. The thinking mind can then only surrender, and align and work with the higher authority of heartfelt Truth that simply knows. 

This is how we are divinely designed to be and live. The thinking mind is meant to humbly bow to and receptively serve the royalty of the knowing Heart that sees the larger picture in any given moment, and holds the secrets to our divine plan for this lifetime. 

Perhaps the best example of how the Truth of felt-knowing trumps belief is found in a mother’s love. Ask a mother, or yourself as a parent, which resonates more: I believe I love my child, or (I know) I love my child.

I believe it’s true, or I know it’s true — which feels more resonant, more unequivocally clear and alive? With I believe there is room for doubt. With I know, there is only Truth. 

I know (k)now, in the presence of my Soul. 

What if we taught children to say “I feel” more, and made “I think” a little less important? Imagine how much more they’d give allegiance to the guiding, magickal Truths of their inner world. What’s possible then, for them, for the world?

With all this said, Truth is not necessarily comforting, as you likely know. For the false self built from and inured to lies, that easily settles into unquestioning complacency and ignorance, the Light of Truth is its greatest threat; just as the Light of Truth is the greatest threat to the lying dark forces ruling this planet. Truth confronts the little, false self that has created a certain picture of “me” and “my” reality. If it could speak, Loving, Piercing Truth would say, “Really? You believe this is all you are and all you want? You believe this is all there is to life?” This can be very unsettling to the little self that settles for so little, and that identifies itself as a part of life — apart, rather than life itself. 

Should we dare part the veils to the Light of Truth, to that which cares and does not care about our precious illusions, we offer ourselves in ceremonial sacrifice to the Holy Fire of Alchemy. We humbly bow to Heart Truth, and give our false self to the Flame of our Soul that consumes everything that is a lie. 

Dissolving into uncertainty and opening to the Truth found only in heartfelt empty space is our greatest fear. And yet this divine revelation and rebirth, this union, is our greatest longing. 

Uninitiated hearts and minds, making the majority of our world, prefer beginnings over endings, holding on over letting go, knowing over uncertainty, keeping it together over falling apart. This collective proclivity indicates how spiritually impoverished humanity is, and how missed guiding Elders are. Add the infatuation with sports, sitcoms, pub trips and deceptive media, and we see a people defiantly distracted from any authentic confrontation with death and experience of rebirth.

The Light of Truth, though still shining in their hearts, plays a distant second fiddle to the shiny bits of the world the dark forces want us to lose ourselves to. Instead of sacrificing lies for Truth, people sacrifice Truth for lies. 

Busy, distracted, the five senses tempted morning to night, little space is made for mystery. My story, moulded by the alluring stories of the world, dominates. But what happens when we pause long enough to feel into the spaces between it all? What might we discover if we put down the script handed to us and feel into the sacred scripture of our Soul? 

What is the Truth waiting to be realized, calling from the quiet depths of your Holy Heart? What is the Truth that transcends all you believe, all you think you are? That transcends the world?

From On High, Incandescent Platinum Truth waits patiently to lovingly dissolve the illusions of my-story, the story that never was, making room for mystery, and the mastery of your Soul.

*                    *                    *

In the still, quiet space 
between your thoughts
and words,
and in your curious heart, 

do you hear me, 
feel me 
as an ancient spark
coming alive,

inviting you 
and with great joy

to merge 
with the Truth
of your Platinum Soul,

with the infinite 
Ray of the Heavens

I am, 
you are, radiantly 
as One?

The Platinum Ray in this ceremony initiates you into the Truth of its holy presence, your Platinum Soul. Every scintillating Ray of the Rainbow Kingdom exists within the quantum universe of your Higher Self, and in equal measure. You are the totality of wisdom and gifts, of divine qualities inherent to each of Sophia’s or God’s iridescent light emanations. 

These divine qualities were encoded into your Soul at conception in Sophia’s Black Womb. You were made in Her image and likeness on all accounts, perfectly so. This means you are a holographic mirror of the supernal Platinum Ray, and the immaculate, inconceivable, unbelievable Truths it holds. 

The crystalline Platinum codes of your Soul lay nestled against your biological DNA, awaiting activation. In this ceremony, by communing with the Platinum Ray, these codes come alive, to the degree you are open and ready. Their ancient secrets breathe new life into you, life from this Heavenly Ray. Your heart, mind and body are rebirthed by the Mysteries and Truth of your infinite Platinum Soul.  

Coinciding with light code activation is healing. Healing is sacrifice, and I invite you to see it that way. We offer ourselves, and the illusions we hold, to the Altar of Truth to have them alchemized into crystalline Light. We sacrifice for the sacred, words wedded in ancient wisdom. 

The story of being unworthy, undeserving, unwhole, unholy, unlovable, a burden to others, a burden to life, at fault, a bad sinner; the lie of needing to be good, nice, obedient, proper, not too wild, not too sexual, not too mischievous, not too sassy, but ordered, on the straight and narrow, giving power away to others — these are the painful learnt constructs born from a dark, patriarchal era spanning 5,000 years. They are heretical machinations oppressing wild and free Divine Feminine Mystery. 

These lies, often inherited from our ancestors and carried forward from past / parallel lives, make it unsafe to question the lies (“science,” “authority,” official narrative) of the corrupted world. They compel people to forgo their discerning Heart that sees the metaview, reads between the li(n)es, and knows without knowing how it knows; that intuitively feels something isn’t quite right about this “safe and effective” Covid “vaccine,” and its pushers promising it goes no further than the shoulder. 

Believing these unholy stories and storytellers, we settle for far less, for being good and fitting in, obedient to what is dangerously untrue, while handing our children over to (medical) tyranny. 

The effulgent Truth of the Platinum Ray sets ablaze the painful tyranny within erecting veils and creating lies. Shimmering with the Heat of Love, it alchemizes the bitter-cold deceit that has you betray your Heart into the warm radiance of your pure, uncompromising Higher Self. With inner sacrifice, quantum space is made for embodied Holy Truth, for Love — beyond belief. 

*                    *                    *

The Platinum Ray is our ancient, sacred initiator, mirroring and working withserving, the great initiation of these global End Times. The world rapidly collapsing is our collective initiation into the auspicious spaces only found in uncertainty and dissolution. It is our prophesied sacrifice for the sacred, such that we are born anew into the Light of Truth. 

Since the start of the Covid era, especially, humanity has been ushered into a rite of passage of deep questioning and letting go. Up has suddenly become down, and left has turned right. Or is it the other way around? Or something beyond?

Stories given allegiance to our entire lives have surfaced as scheming lies, the lies they’ve always been. Seemingly caring authorities, like politicians, physicians, scientists and unelected bureaucrats, have revealed themselves as cunning wolves in sheep’s clothing. Lies we never thought possible — voracious, monstrous, evil, are being backed by indisputable evidence. They are being discerned by common sense and awakened awareness — by brave Hearts willing to open to disturbing and enlightening Truth. 

The world is being flipped upside-down and inside-out, while simultaneously dissolving at quickening speed. All this is forcing humanity to release its “grip on reality,” inside and out. It’s much harder to hold onto beliefs when new truths continue to arise, contradicting the old. When “normal” falls apart.  

With this laborious, dramatic, tragic release, space is made for Truth hidden in the shadows and widening cracks. The head, baffled beyond belief, unable to hold on anymore, eventually bows in humble surrender to the Royal Heart and its heartbreak — to I thought I knew, and the emotions that coincide, like grief and anger. Higher Truth finally emerges and ecstatically claims the Throne of our Heart. Truth sets us free. 

In our great collective emergency 
there is an emergence 
of dark and Light Truths. 

Space is made to merge 
with our Higher Self, 
the Truth of who we are. 

Falling apart, 
we fall in love, 
in divine union.

The initiations of mystery schools in ancient cultures, in the wilds of traditional lands, and in the malocas of plant medicine ceremonies, have facilitated the sacred journey of dismantling belief structures, or inner sacrifice. From the unknowns of quantum space within the initiating Womb of darkness, the initiate has emerged anew, merged with the mystery of the Soul, and life. Like the caterpillar in its tomb-womb, the lower self has given way to Higher Truth, the freedoms beyond the world.

Just as the Romans sent Jesus to the cross for his timeless transformation, transmission and teaching, the dark forces ruling this planet are sending humanity to their collective crucifixion — our dismantling and ending. In a strange twist of age-old irony, our overlords, in revealing themselves and destroying the illusions of this world, are placing humanity and the lies of “normal living” on the Cross-Altar of Truth. Human consciousness is being forever altered. A new dimension of awareness, or Higher Truth, is alchemically birthing from the ashes of the inner and outer dreamworld, setting free our destined Golden Age from the Gold of our Hearts. 

The dark forces are playing their archetypal and destined role of initiating the End Times and birthing Truth, yet do so unwittingly with the Light Forces. Light and dark are co-orchestrating our Great Rebirth as one unified field, one perfectly interwoven system of unfathomable guiding Intelligence. 

While the deceit of transhumanist shadows grows, Cosmic Rays intensify their presence, bathing Mother Earth and sentient life with new hope and possibilities. An unusually high number of master souls ground these powerful frequencies, along with countless light workers. Together, they “counterbalance” and transmute the dark winds pushing humanity into the throes of complete evil. They anchor Truth and alter the collective field so others, less aware, can feel Truth in their hearts. 

The Platinum Ray is one of these Cosmic forces here to dissolve the dark frequencies and heresies, inside and out. It works with the ancient flow of dissolution, not against it. Just as the High Priests and Priestessess of Old Words were never interested in helping initiates be better versions of who they are not, the Platinum Ray is not here to help you, or the world, remain “successfully” attached to the painfully old and untrue. It’s not here to help you out, but serve you through. Like masters, it serves Truth as Truth, for the Truth sets you free.

Via the link below, you are guided to set healing empowerment intentions for anything you want. Nothing is too much to ask from the Platinum Ray, whether in the context of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual concerns / ailments. Most of all, trust your heart, and that the Platinum Ray will know exactly how to serve your heroic rising into embodied Truth.

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