Goddess Kali Ma Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for owning pure, raw and balanced Shakti power

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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Whenever I first ask a field of consciousness — an Ascended Master, Spirit Animal, Star System, etc — to lead a ceremony with me, I always request a personal transmission, a healing and activation so I can intimately feel and know its presence. When this communion occurs, I experience a fairly strong charge in my body that lasts until I tell the Consciousness I am complete. In deciding to call upon Kali, I had a feeling her presence would be strong, more powerful than what I normally experience. And sure enough it was electrifying! Such an intense energy overtook my body, humming every cell of my being to an unusually high vibration. So much so that it took longer than normal for the reverberations to settle.

One of the most important divine figures in the Hindu pantheon, Kali is pure, raw Shakti, meaning power in Sanskrit. She is a Universally loved Goddess representing this primordial energy, which she expresses in its wrathful and destructive forms, as well as its maternal, creative manifestations of protection, nurturing and fertility. It is these latter qualities that has her be known as Kali Ma, or mother. And with Kala in Sanskrit meaning black, she is often referred to as the Dark Mother, and depicted as black or dark blue.

Research the iconography of Kali and you’ll see her with many arms (four to ten), holding a variety of weapons like a bloody sword and trident, while ruthlessly clutching a decapitated, dripping head. A skirt made from dismembered human arms and a neckless of skulls encircles her; and she has a savage face, large white fangs, a big red tongue sticking out, and wildly disheveled hair. This striking iconography goes back to ancient Vedic traditions where she was depicted as a violent and uncontrollable warrior inspiring fear in those who dare mess with her on the battlefields of good and evil. Yet, it’s these violent depictions that have left some people literalizing and limiting the true, balanced and loving nature of Kali. 

I’m reminded of the God in the Old Testament, and how He evolved from a vengeful, jealous, neurotic “Father” towards greater reconciliatory balance in the New Testament; and to the unconditionally loving God many have awoken to today that is more than Father, but the primordial Goddess, or Divine Mother. In Kali’s “Old Testament” iconography, its important to see symbolism, not literalness; just like how it’s wise to read the subtle wisdom behind the analogies in Jesus’s parables. Kali’s weapons symbolize death and destruction, forces made clear by Mother Nature. And her protruding tongue and disheveled hair represent the unbridled and unpredictable wildness we joyously see in happy, free-to-be children, who love to stick their tongues out and not comb their hair! As well as our untamed sexual energy, also expressed with tongue out and wild hair. 

Kali’s tongue commands what the rebellious dancer of the early 20th century, Isadora Duncan, encouraged us to remember: “You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you.” She commands this from the devouring Void of Kala that destroys to renew, and the gentle presence of maternal Ma that loves you through and through. 

This integrated balance of raw Cosmic power is the message and medicine Goddess Kali Ma brings to you in this sacred ceremony. She comes as a wildly loving Force, holding you in your deepest fears in the most gentle, nurturing way, while fiercely summoning you to stand tall, proud and strong in your unbridled Shakti Truth. Like a forest wild fire, she’s here to destroy the dead brush of lies, fear and false limiting power you’ve learned and adapted to, so space is made for new, diverse dimensions of life to blossom in your awareness. This is her loving transmission to you, if you’ll receive it, a powerful and transformative blessing that resurrects you into embodying what is holy and true and unapologetically you!

Kali is fully aware of the trials and tribulations you’ve gone through in your many lifetimes; the emotional and physical persecutions endured for being true to your Shakti, your sexual power, enacted by imbalanced egos and dark, patriarchal, religious power. She knows how these traumatic experiences, along with programming, have impacted you, causing you to feel constricted in your sexual and creative energy, or to believe that power is dangerous or unsafe — to couple fear with power.

If you grew up with a violent father or unpredictable mother, for example, you may have learned that power equals harm. That if you are in your power, you may get hurt or hurt another. Experiencing your parents emotionally or physically abuse you for being too wild, too much of your naturally exuberant self, or witnessing this treatment of your siblings or between your parents, likely taught you that being true to yourself, and thus your power, has negative consequences. 

To repeat and reframe, because it’s important: This type of childhood adversity, which is common, along with ancestral and past-life memory imprints from power-over wounds, can create the unconscious beliefs, “If I’m in my power (too much), I may hurt another”; and “If I’m in my power (too much), I’ll get hurt.” Our fear is that we may repeat the actions of our abusers, say, by hurting our children, or re-experience their actions from a different person. 

These fears and beliefs can create all sorts of debilitating patterns. At one end of the spectrum, we may be averse to conflict, speaking our truth or rocking the boat; to taking space, lest we hurt or get hurt. This is often wrapped up in survival adaptations of excessive pleasing, caretaking, obedience and being nice. At the other end of the spectrum, suppressed fear and shame from past violence may leak out as angry outbursts, like lashing out at our children for being “too much,” which is our own unconscious projection. This behaviour is often wrapped up in survival adaptations of chronic impatience and being overly controlling / hard on others and oneself. 

In both extremes, it is an obvious distortion or imbalance of power. It’s false and limiting power rooted in fear, shame and self-blame, patterns quite normalized and pervasive in society. It’s an imbalanced self silently crying, while not saying, “I’m afraid to get hurt again, and therefore I must hide this way, while projecting this fear and shame onto you by being pleasing / erratic etc.”

The Dark Mother is here to end this pained behaviour spanning lifetimes by returning you to your True and Balanced Power. You experience a holy communion with her immense Shakti presence, which not only heals shadows of days past, but ignites embodied remembrance of your own Shakti power. You enter the Halls of Kali Ma’s Cosmic Consciousness, take a stroll, and entrain to the many dimensions of her/your primordial energy. Through a process of resonant mirroring, your spiritual DNA containing those same dimensions activate in your human awareness. To the degree that you are ready and open, you light up more fully with the divine qualities of your multidimensional nature, the Wild Shakti you are.  

Gradually, you are resurrected from old, debilitating patterns of playing small; from the trauma identities of being “good,” submissive, pleasing, tough, controlling, rigid and more. You remember that it’s safe to let go and be uncontrolled, like a wild, messy child; like a fully sexualized being, tongue out, hair waving wildly, moving with the writhing impulses of kundalini life force that take you into new dimensions of limitless being. You remember these joyous Shakti expressions as your natural state and divine right, as our raw, untamed Earth Mother models.

With enough work, you come back from being stuck in polarities of survival adaptations to Soul-Centre, and its healthy and balanced expressions of power. You learn that you can be wild in emotionality and behaviour, and yet still be responsible. You can be firm, but have it be grounded in love, a balance all parents and leaders must hold at times. You can be sensitive and kind, without giving your power away in acts of excessive caretaking. You can engage in heart-centred wrath, naming the dark agendas with fierce conviction and without judgment, and then turn to gentle compassion on a dime. You can serve and lead more fully from your unapologetic, raw divine power as a bold revolutionary without contributing to the escalating polarity we see before us. 

Via the link below, you are encouraged to set intentions for any healing empowerments you want. I encourage you to take time reflecting on where you give your power away, or how you hold yourself back or believe you are too much. Consider exploring your beliefs associated with power, sexuality and creativity; what you learned about them from your parents, ministers, teachers, society at large.

Most of all, trust your heart, and that the fiercely loving presence of Goddess Kali Ma knows exactly how to serve your journey of more fully embodying Shakti. 

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