Dove of Peace Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony to support you to safely rest in your peaceful heart and radiate in angelic f-light

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  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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At a time of growing conflict and chaos on Mother Earth, the Spirit of the Dove rapturously descends in this ceremony, bringing the message and medicine of peace. From its hallowed Oversoul, it radiates heavenly Christ light upon you, healing what you have yet to come to peace with, so you can rest more fully in the still, quiet depths of your peaceful heart, and share it with the world. 

From protests to policy to war, for millennia, peace has been sought by changing or resisting external circumstances. Some initiatives or actions made a monumental difference, like the counterculture movement of the 1960s, led by Martin Luther King, Jr., and the heroic act of less known Rosa Parks, a black woman who, in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, refused to give up her bus seat to a white man. The nonviolent peaceful protests inspired by Gandhi and the battlefield resistance led by Joan of Arc in France are other examples of brave revolutions countering tyranny.

These and other heroic acts were much needed during times of darkness and changed the course of history. And yet this doing approach is no longer enough; especially when we understand the technological, political and military power of the ruling dark forces, and that the return of the Divine Feminine Christ is destined for this time. Peace must now be achieved the most powerful way it can be — by revealing it from within; which means awakening to who we are, as peace.

Darkness grows,
but so too does the light,

and it is this light,
the peaceful light you are,
that will be your
heavenly beacon
through the darkness.

But you must turn towards it,
and choose it.

For though it is here, now,
the love of light always honours
your free will,
your right to explore darkness
as long as you wish.

Only light
will guide you through the darkness,
and lift you from it.

Only the loving peace you are
will birth the dawn.

The Divine Feminine Christ that the Holy Dove represents is rapidly descending upon Mother Earth, aided by millions of lightworkers anchoring and transmitting peace. The vast majority of people, however, continue to naively and complacently follow the seemingly benevolent plans of the dark ones, or are ignorantly distracted altogether by the shiny bits of soda-pop “normal.” Unbeknownst to them, satanic dark is rising; but so too is the spiritual revolution spanning the globe, with inspired help from the Light Realms that radiate love and peace upon us, and assist our missions as light bearers.

Peace is taking hold in the hearts of growing numbers who have the courage to face the troubling world, turn within, and towards angelic friends On High. This ceremony accelerates this global transformation by clearing the remnant darkness of old worlds and times within you, and activating the radiance of your peaceful heart, the Holy Dove you are. 

After a long dark age of suffering, humanity is finally ready to realize that true peace can only be brought forth from within; not by waiting for others like our so-called leaders to deliver it, or by fighting for it, or by clinging to the illusion that peace is the absence of war. Isn’t there always another war — a contrived war to bring “peace”?

Peace, first and foremost, is an inner state, and therefore in essence not an outer solution. Peace is the soul-ution arising from soul-union. It’s who we are, in Truth. We are the peaceful solution, by our very being. 

The peaceful solution we are births in our human awareness, and particularly our hearts, when we turn inwards and do the heroic inner work of coming to peace with all the parts inside we are at war with. The wars and general insanity outside come to an end only as we end the wars within, and share our awakened riches with the world. From feeling in pieces, a fragmented traumatized soul frozen in time, we melt and merge together in the Christ Flame of soul-union. In peaceful oneness. 

Given the hardships experienced in this lifetime and in previous ones, it’s only natural that we struggle to feel peaceful. So many of us grew up in unsafe, far from peaceful homes, with one or two parents (or caregivers) unable to meet our emotional and physical needs. We didn’t have a felt-knowing that all is well and all is taken care of; that we exist in the hearts and minds of our parents, at all times.

That intuitive reassurance and peaceful oneness ideally begins in the resonant, feeling chamber of the sacred womb; and then it continues on in our mother’s tender arms, where we rest limp, trusting beautifully in peaceful at-one-ment. Our loose body with its calm nervous system and heart knows it’s safe and loved. And so we give our mother our full, trusting weight. All of ourselves.

Our heart remains spiralled open, like a sacred rose, intimately and mysteriously attuned to our mother’s relaxed, shamanic heartbeat. Here, a sacred entrainment occurs of ancient love, oneness, no words can possibly capture. This is called resting in connection, the most holy and nourishing of all experiences for a young child, vital for optimum development. In it, there is unspeakable peace — a peace that passeth all understanding, any need to know.   

A child who grows from this sacred, bonded, relaxed foundation more naturally moves through teen and adult years resting in the loving arms of the Divine Mother, of God, and in the heart womb of our Earth Mother. Healthy neurological pathways forged through parental safety and love tell us later in life that all is still well and all is taken care of, even in times of change and uncertainty. With inner reassurance we trust that we can let go and let Goddess; that our Earth and Divine Mothers will provide for us. We trust, for we still hold the resonant heart memories of safely letting go into our mother’s arms, and trusting she will take care of us.

Feeling into these words, we can sense why we say rest in peace and rest assured; and why so many struggle with trustrelaxation and sleep. Trauma, particularly developmental (childhood), can limit our ability as adults to safely let go and give limp, loose weight to the mattress, let alone to our partner and the ground beneath our feet. Unresolved painful memories can make it difficult to slow down and turn off when our survival as scared children depended on staying vigilantly and rigidly on.

This is why there is so much addiction to control. We learned to be self-controlled. We had to control our emotions and behaviour to feel some semblance connection, safety and love, and to mitigate uncomfortable feelings and negative outer consequences, like neglect and punishment. And we had to take control because we couldn’t trust our parents to.

All this forces children to act like “well-behaved” little adults, to be overly responsible, strong, tight, and on, when they should be messily playing, fluid, loose, joyously in the moment, and curiously alive. Being vigilantly on, and not resting assured in loving connection, causes little ones to feel incredibly alone — an unbearable, dark aloneness. More so, this survival conditioning creates and reinforces cultures of busy, take-control efficiency, and false, shallow ideas of success. Human beings frenetically live like monkeys swinging from one branch to another — restless, dysregulated, hyper-focused and driven, exhausted, unwell, afraid to stop, drop, and feel into the space between it all, the space within.    

Peace is knowing

you don’t have to control
when you don’t need to,

you don’t have to know
when all is already known
and taken care of,

you don’t have to push
when all is already done
for you,

and you can safely rest,
even when it appears

you can rest
rest in peace,

all is well,

right now,

and will forever be.

This ceremony with the Dove of Peace is an opportunity to safely return to this deep, primordial place of knowing and trusting; to heal the complex shadows of yesteryear that lead you away from the hallowed, holy ground of peaceful being, at one with the Divine Mother of All Life. 

You commune directly with Dove’s ancient Oversoul, which allows its powerful, rapturous presence to heal wounds and programming, the painful memories of old, spanning lifetimes and generations. In your intention setting, you can ask Dove for healing on anything you have yet to come to peace with. For example, you may intend for support in forgiving someone, like a parent or friend; to heal the resentment you still hold towards this person. Or you can ask Dove to heal any resentment you hold towards yourself, and thus to forgive yourself.

The Dove of Peace is here to compassionately shine into your secret places of another time; to transmute frozen, painful patterns of self-blame and self-shame, fear, doubt and worry that keep you feeling stuck, heavy, separate, with your wings curled inwards, protecting your peaceful heart.

Dove’s immaculate transmission brings peace to those tender areas, softening them, even if you don’t have any recollection of their beginnings. You can ask beautiful Dove to help you feel greater worth or more calm in your belly without knowing that your low self-worth comes from difficult in-utero experiences and gut pain from an ancestral inheritance. Working with your intentions and multidimensional Higher Self, you can trust the Dove of Peace to know how to support your healing and empowerment in ways far beyond your human comprehension. It does, bringing peace to the degree you are open and ready.  

With healing, quantum space is created to birth your inner Dove of Peace into your heart and human awareness. Communing with Dove activates the crystalline light codes of your Soul synonymous with this Spirit Animal. As part of your unique creative blueprint, and as a perfect holographic mirror of All That Is, you have Dove codes, and thus the totality of divine qualities this Free Bird represents secretly woven within. They include beauty, grace, gentleness, wisdom, calm, innocence, purity, freedom, and of course peace. When this encoded inheritance is activated from dormancy within your genetic universe, psychologically, neurologically and spiritually you are upgraded, reborn with the Christ consciousness of Dove.

This awakening invites felt, intimate union with this Spirit Bird, and a loving appreciation for the sacred role it has played for humanity across time. This awareness only expands as you feel deeper into your Peaceful Dove Soul, especially in your Holy Heart. 

Indeed, with healing and activation support from this sacred peacekeeper, your Holy Spirit descends upon you like the Dove upon Jesus during his baptism. Down and in, more of your angelic Soul anchors into your body, and into Mother Earth. Your wings can spread open with greater courage, revealing more of you, revealing your still, sacred centre to the world.

In successive stages of integration, a visceral remembrance of forever Truth comes alive throughout your body, setting you alight and aflight. The winged Angel of Peace you are, and have always been, is empowered and set free, to be shared abundantly with the troubled, dark world. 

within the centre
of your Holy Heart,

amongst the
growing storm
of a world
not yours,
not you,

a world
whose time has come,

and you come home
to the stillness of being,
of Truth,

the holy peace
you are.

The Dove of Peace’s message for you is that the days of feeling scared and alone are over. You can rest assured that, in the Truth, you are one with Dove’s holy presence, felt in your heart, and that of our Earth and Divine Mothers. You are held in their wings, arms and endless love, and always have been.

Communing with Dove in this ceremony brings this Truth to heart, which is vitally important at this time as the storm grows outside. Resourcing yourself in the still, peaceful depths of your Soul and opening to the guidance of the high Light Realms, including Dove, are your most empowering acts if you are to navigate these unprecedented times with trust, flow, grace and abundance. Feeling Dove in your heart, you can confidently call upon its overlighting guidance for any reason, at any moment. In the loving embrace and wisdom of your Spirit Animal guide, and other friends in high places, you can safely trust, relax, receive, and rest in a peace that passeth all understanding, knowing all is well, and all is taken care of. 

This ceremony in intended to make this more possible, and at lightening speed. Via the link below, you are encouraged to set intentions on anything you’d like healing empowerments on, whether in the context of mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual ailments / concerns. Most of all, trust your heart, and the immaculate presence of Dove to guide you home to peace.

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