Joan of Arc Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for harmonizing with Joan of Arc and activating your High Priest / Priestess Christ Warrior Leadership

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  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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What an honour it is to invite you to this sacred ceremony with Joan of Arc! 

A High Priestess of the Order of Magdalena, she served with great courage and sacrifice as a revolutionary light bearer on Mother Earth not too long ago. She and other Magdalenes have carried the Christ Flame to many dark regions of our Universe in incredibly heroic lifetimes of service. They’ve brought Heaven to troubled planes, transforming planetary consciousness, liberating souls, and creating vast legacies of love. 

In this ceremony you commune directly with Joan’s Divine Feminine Christ spirit, the unbounded Heart Warrior and holy Magdalene she is. Joan’s intention is to inspire you to stand true, strong and tall in your sovereign divinity and warrior leadership during these extraordinary times of collective rebirth. Merging with her consciousness activates these and other transformative possibilities, while calibrating you to the sacred presence of the Order of Magdalena, of which Mary Magdalene is also a luminous star. 

*                    *                    *

Born a peasant in Domrémy, Bar, France, in 1412, Joan of Arc arrived on our planet with a clear revolutionary mission secreted within — to shine and bravely lead from her luminous Warrior Heart during a time of growing darkness in her country. Like her Magdalene predecessor Mary, Joan was a highly advanced soul, an anointed one. She arrived with a divine appointment as a Christed human, from the Greek Chrīstós. Christ means Anointed One.

Revelatory inspiration and guidance from the high Light Realms awoke her divine appointment at a young age. She was summoned to do the unheard of — be a feminine warrior and lead France towards sovereignty, when only a teen, in a patriarchal, brutish world highly unsafe for women.

Teenage Joan’s spirited conviction was tested as she ventured out into the vast and dangerous unknown, leaving her humble farm town familiarities, to officially commence her mission. Her Warrior Heart would not allow her to evade her destiny by staying in the comfortable cradle of her beginnings. Trusting her instincts, navigating unpredictable dark roads, she soon climbed her way to the refined establishments of key influencers and bureaucrats whose help she needed. 

Joan negotiated her destined place of leadership with hardened army brass, sceptical theologians, and lofty nobility, most, if not all of whom were men. Having stepped into the greater battlefield of worldly life, she was eventually granted the authority to go further afield — to lead the French army on the account that she was divinely guided. 

Joan’s appointment with destiny was manifesting relatively quickly, given her tender age. Inspired and called, on the one hand, was her noble Soul; yet on the other, her vulnerable, naive human self didn’t know what stood before her — how bloody and demanding the course would be, how it would forever change the physical, emotional, political and spiritual landscapes of her country, and the extent her bravery would leave a resonant legacy in hearts and minds around the world.

At age 17, adorned in armour, carrying her famous standard on her white horse, the diminutive maid led an army into a series of battles against the English and their Burgundian allies who were occupying northern France. It was Orléans, however, a key Anglo-Burgundian stronghold on the northern frontier that called her from the start. There she was needed, her Warrior Heart exclaimed. In 1429, Joan and her army won a decisive victory in Orléans, forcing the enemy to retreat across the Loire River, and out of the valley. 

Though a milestone marker of success was met, and France had more room to breathe and be, Joan’s mission wasn’t over yet. In 1430, she caught wind that Compiègne, 85 km northeast of Paris, had been besieged. Under the cover of darkness, there she led her army next. 

After successfully leading two attacks, forcing the Burgundians to retreat, Joan’s army was overwhelmed by English reinforcements and had to draw back themselves. She stood guard, choosing to watch over and protect the last of her rear guard as they crossed the Osie River. But then fate called, and Joan fell off her white stallion. Unable to remount, this young, brave Warrior Priestess had no choice but to surrender.  

Joan experienced her last military battle, and henceforth began a new journey, a different excruciating battle altogether, within dank and dangerous prison quarters and amongst heartless interrogators. She was taken to the castle of Bouvreuil in Rouen, France, where she was tormented daily and faced impending torturous death. 

Initially, 70 charges were laid against Joan including witchcraft and dressing like a man, but eventually they were reduced to 12. In the end, it was her heretical connection with God that drew the ire of the judges and inquisitors; her claim that she had direct access to the heavens, bypassing the authority of the church that claimed sole right of direct passage to the divine. After a complicated trial involving 39 assessors and 4 months in prison, in May 1431, she was led to the stake in the old marketplace. At only 19 years of age, the Holy Warrior was sacrificed for the sacred. Joan of Arc was burnt to death. 

In proceedings led by Pope Calixtus III in 1456, her sentence was revoked and annulled, exonerating her spirit and reputation for those who needed such. Centuries later, in 1920, she was canonized by Pope Benedict XV, formally declaring her a Saint. That same year the French Parliament decreed a national festival day dedicated to Jeanne d’Arc, as she’s called in France, a festival celebrated to this day on the second Sunday of May. In Orléans, the celebrations and honour last longer. The Johannine Festivals of Orleans are key cultural events lasting a full 10 days. In typical French revelry, citizens sing, dance, drink and play, while also paying tribute to the heroines who’ve liberated their city, like Jeanne d’Arc.

As French and other heartfelt admirers around the world know, the legacy of Joan of Arc far surpasses her political and military accomplishments. And as with other martyrs, like Giordano Bruno also burnt at the stake, it can take centuries to finally take to heart the sheer magnitude of courageous sacrifice, the world-altering service from a single, everyday human whose destiny could not be ignored.

Joan’s legacy is the liberation of the human body and spirit from tyranny. She taught the power of God/dess, the Light Realms, the Angels to command miracles and revolutionary change through each of us — the most unsuspected and the seemingly unqualified. She has inspired courage, faith, strength and leadership in the shadows, and in countless individuals, particularly women, who have suffered under patriarchal and religious oppression for centuries. 

An angelic wayshower and vulnerable young human, Joan showed what’s possible when we follow our heart, against all odds; that even a young teenage peasant girl in a male-dominated, violent world can bring Heaven to Earth, forever transforming the collective consciousness, forever touching hearts. 

Her message continues on now, as it was then, for those with inner ears to hear: 

If I can do it,
so can you. 

Be the revolution, 
the radiant star 
you were born to be.

*                    *                    *

This lifetime we are being called to activate our Warrior Spirits and courageous leadership hearts in the face of growing tyranny, what is technocratic, spiritual warfare — an age-old, inter-stellar battle, far transcending this planet. 

For those who dare look, it’s clear that a global coup is taking place; one long-planned and incrementally implemented by a relative few with great political and financial power, ties to alien intelligence, and access to advanced military technology. Unlike 15th century France or other tyrannies of old, the escalating oppression and control is not limited to any one country or region; rather, it is an international web of orchestrated technocratic madness, transcending all borders, uniting nations into a new world order, a global digital dictatorship.

The first step in being a Heart Warrior is facing this uncomfortable reality instead of blindly turning away in wilful ignorance. Taking painful truths to heart, we bear witness to the suffering of the world, of our brothers and sisters like in Gaza, and the deceitful games / strategies of the dark forces. Our heart breaks open to greater capacities for truth, love, compassion and service. We wisen up and smarten up, activating our discerning heart that reads and leads between the lines in what is a critical Age of Discernment and Collective Rebirth. 

Being a Heart Warrior means we do not pretend, for to do so is to pre-tend. In pre-tending, we don’t tend to the heart of the matter before us because we lack the courage to seriously take matters to heart. Warriorship and leadership thus begin with vulnerably opening to the magnitude of the times, feeling them, while feeling for others. 

In this lifetime, we cannot opt out of growing darkness and tyranny. We cannot pretend, deny or positively think our way out of this mess. Attempting any circumvention of reality only leaves us and our children vulnerable to manipulation and abuse. In ignorance and naivety, in being unwilling to take truth to heart, billions have been fooled into accepting the “safe and effective” bioweapon Covid “vaccine.” And then there are the countless young people, cheered on by parents, teachers, psychiatrists, nurses, bureaucrats, and others, who are handing their bodies over to the medical tyranny of transgenderism — a satanic malpractice being used to create lifetime patients, to demoralize, disempower, and sterilize (depopulate), and to eugenically transform individuals into Human 2.0 — transgenderism to transhumanism. 

The negative consequences only escalate if people refuse to warrior up. Yes, there is a great burden in facing and feeling shocking reality, but let’s not lose sight of the blessings. The burden is feeling disturbed, afraid and confused, especially if one is a parent of young children. The burden is having the world we knew turn upside-down, and fall apart. On the other hand, the blessing in bravely warrioring up to uncomfortable, inconvenient truths is that we wake up, and remember why we chose to be here at this time. In waking up to reality, we are empowered to serve it; to be an active Heart Warrior bringing the dawn. 

Unlike Joan’s lifetime, serving and being a warrior today does not mean boots-on-the-ground combat. Lightworker leadership doesn’t require fighting darkness. No sword, shield or gun is necessary for the Warrior of Light in this lifetime. Your most important contribution to our collective rebirth is You — your Holy Spirit, the Christ Light you are, broadcasting powerful rays through your temple stargate body. 

*                    *                    *

It is no accident that you are here, now, at this monumental time of collective rebirth. You incarnated to be an illumined leader in this global transformation that has been prophesied across all spiritual traditions. 

Leadership is scary for people. Beginning in childhood, we have been indoctrinated to follow, not lead from within; to be obedient to outside authority, rather than to the nudges of our heart. We have been trained to give our power away to others, rather than feel, explore, express and celebrate our multidimensional Soul; a Holy Spirit that has the power to command miracles just as all avatars have. We have been conditioned to believe we are far less than we actually are.

Joan of Arc comes at the perfect time to end this illusory story of playing small, of being afraid of your inner authority, your power to lead and be a Warrior of Heart & Truth. In this sacred ceremony, she brings compassionate fierceness to embolden your spirit, straighten your spine, and set your eyes and heart ablaze. She comes to support you to alchemically set the world on fire!

But first, there must be inner alchemy — a transmutation of the painful lies you’ve heard and held about yourself that veil you from your Warrior Spirit, the powerful Priest or Priestess Soul you are. Joan comes to purify the trauma and programming spanning lifetimes and generations — old, painful memories, the wounds in your physical and emotional body, the samskaras or soul scars of distant times, the beliefs of being unworthy or less than. All can be ceremonially offered to Joan for sacred sacrifice, for holy alchemy, to be integrated back into the Flame of your Higher Self, and life. 

To heal you don’t need to know the details of your suffering, how, when and why it started. Using your free will and personal intentions, all that’s required is that you do your best to declare what you want support on from Joan, whether in the context of physical, mental, emotional or physical health and wellbeing. Anything is possible; but as with all my ceremonies, nothing is promised. You will heal and empower to the degree you are open and ready. 

Advanced healing from beloved Jeanne d’Arc creates the quantum space in your genetic universe for more of your Higher Self to anchor. When quantum space is created through inner alchemy, crystalline light code activation or personal empowerment occurs. 

These are the codes of your Soul that make up your divine blueprint, your angelic genetic design that holographically mirrors the Creative Blueprint of All That Is. Nothing is missing in you. You are the entire Cosmos encoded in form, temporarily secreted away within the miracle of your biological DNA. Over many heroic lifetimes you gradually realize this divine inheritance, your Oneness with Life, by activating your divine genome from quiet dormancy. When activated, the sacred qualities or scripture encoded within come alive in your genetic manuscript, rebirthing your human awareness anew. 

What’s latent becomes newfound Soul talent, words with the same letters. The infinite, multidimensional Cosmos you are illumines you more fully, transforming your neurobiology — your heart, body and mind. You are “born again,” Christed to new crystalline dimensions of your boundless Soul.

In this ceremony, the specific codes and divine qualities, or talents, activated in you are those that represent the unique broadcast and consciousness of Joan of Arc. In a sense, you could say that Joan is only activating your Joan of Arc codes. These codes carry the qualities of your High Priest / Priestess Warrior Spirit, unified with her own, as well as the signature dimensions of the Order of Magdalena. Feeling Joan in this ceremonial transmission allows you to feel into these same qualities within, ones she is known for. The associated light codes resonate and stir awake, activating your inner Warrior and Magdalene.

The ancient truths and guiding light wisdom of Joan and the Magdalenes are experienced as your own. They integrate into your human awareness, particularly your Holy Heart. This can create a feeling of coming home to something familiar and ancient and lovingly true, something that’s always been you.

Embodied and alive, you become a living prayer consciously in touch with the Light Realms, just as Joan was, a bridge that brings Heaven to Earth. Your potential to command miracles, to revolutionize the world through your stargate body and from your Priest / Priestess Christ Spirit, becomes actualized to newfound levels.

Shimmering with the diaphanous heat and glow of your Higher Warrior Self, the Sacred Flame you are, it’s easier to accept versus resist disturbing truths, to face reality as it is, and even alchemize painful truths in your Holy Heart. Courageously and more naturally you speak or wield your s-word — sacred word; you declare a clear No, set boundaries, name the intolerable, stand for justice, and protect children. You persevere in the face of darkness and challenges, overcoming fear and boldly acting on your instincts, such that you remain committed to your Soul path, your destined raison d’être. You stand Tall, True and Holy You, rooted in your sovereign divinity, serving in harmonious union with your guiding Oversoul and the Light Realms, just as Joan did. 

Expanding upon this last sentence, what Joan wants you to know is that she is here for you, anytime. And so is Mary Magdalene. You are not meant to navigate these unusually uncertain and chaotic times without higher help. Activating your Joan of Arc codes, and somatically harmonizing with her Oversoul and the Order of Magdalena, empowers you to call upon her when needed. To simply say, “Joan, please help me,” and trust her loving whispers in your heart. 

Like Mary, and all the Ascended Masters I work with, Joan is here for you 24/7, to guide you through the darkness and into the light; to support you to fulfil your destiny. Indeed, as a powerful wayshower Joan is here for you just as the Angels were there for her during her heroic lifetime in France. 

Feeling and following your heart’s higher knowing and working with the overlighting guidance of Joan, it’s easier to trust that you are in the right place at the right time. This assurance and faith is important at this time as fear and instability increasingly set in across the planet; as uncertainty grows regarding one’s safety, ability to access food, water and energy, be financially resourced, and take care of one’s family. 

When you follow your Higher Self’s guidance, consciously align with Joan and the Light Realms, and trust the currents of life, you are provided with all the currency you need — right place, right time, living in abundant and miraculous flow, even during these messy times. It becomes easier to trust everything is okay, at this moment, and will continue to be. That you are not alone, for you feel all-one. 

*                    *                    *

Pausing and feeling into all you’ve read here, you can sense the power, higher purpose, and timely magnitude of this ceremony. Activating your Christ Self into your stargate temple body, and, by extension, into this Earthplane, is the spiritual leadership we need now. Leading from the inside out, we transform this long age of darkness into a Golden Age. 

It is who we are, you are, that the world increasingly cries out for — the beauty, the power, the loving radiance of your Cosmic Soul, the Warrior Christ Spirit you are. 

Via the link below, you are guided to set healing empowerment intentions for anything you want. Nothing is too much to ask from Joan. Most of all, trust your heart, and that Jeanne d’Arc will know exactly how to serve your heroic becoming, the embodied realization of the High Priest / Priestess Warrior you are. 

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