Three Stages of Transformation & Transition

Three Stages of Transformation & Transition

When the heart awakens there is an immediate calling for change in your life. The seed of awareness and possibility has awoken within you, stirring a deep desire to search for a renewed sense of Self and life, and to follow a path of purposeful and authentic living.

The awakened heart sparks change in three general stages that reflect the inner transformation and outer transition necessary to awaken the butterfly within. Much like a flower’s incremental unfolding into the light, people move through these stages gradually.

Notice how many times you have gone through them in your own life.

1. Answering the Call

In answering the call you embark on a new phase of your journey. The essence of this stage is saying Yes to the calling and letting go of who you thought you were until this point, and the external life that has reflected this identity. It is walking towards a new life full of exciting and joyful possibilities that you feel intuitively drawn to, and a more authentic sense of Self that is hungering to be born. And it is walking away from those things that no longer feed you, like a job, relationship, culture, or business MO, and the belief systems, expectations and behaviours that have supported this life. Whatever it is, answering the call is extremely courageous, and it is necessary because your current way of living and working no longer serves you any more.

2. Embracing Uncertainty

You are walking away, but what you are walking into isn’t completely clear or stable in your life yet. You are no longer the caterpillar, but you haven’t fully left the cocoon either. So there is often a sense of confusion, emptiness and uncertainty here. It is here that faith in your heart’s calling is tested – faith in your intuition to stay the course and trust that although the path isn’t clear, you are being guided and supported to walk this journey home.

3. New Beginning

You are now ready to embrace a fuller expression of your authentic Self and a life that reflects it. This will always manifest as greater peace and joy, and new circumstances that allow you to express your authenticity more fully and comfortably. The degree to which you experience renewed authenticity and positive life circumstances is dependant on how much you have opened to this possibility. Your real job is to create the space internally and externally for these changes to manifest. In a sense, your real job in life is not to say How, but rather Yes!

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