Dream Boldly, Act Courageously

Dream Boldly, Act Courageously

Dream Big. Anything is Possible.

For us to create our dreams, they must be stronger than the fears and doubts that hold us back.

What is your dream? Is it to paint? Travel? Have a family?
Is it to run a marathon? Get in shape? Learn to play an instrument?
Perhaps it is small. Maybe for a while you’ve been wanting to have friends over for a games night. Or maybe you’ve wanted to have a day just to yourself.

I heard recently that if we don’t act on our impulse within the first five seconds, the impulse will disappear, and we will have missed an opportunity.

Therefore act when the desire arises. Choose boldly right away. Notice what you keep thinking about and take a step towards it. Notice what your spirit keeps nudging you towards and act with courage.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” ~ Karen Lamb

What is one small step you can take today to move you towards your dream?

Here’s to dreaming boldly and acting courageously!

Happy Monday!

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