Silence of Soul

Silence of Soul

is always more
more truthful,
than words.

Yet, how much time do you
give yourself to silence each day,
and thus give yourself
to your soul
and its quiet murmurings?

How much do you reveal yourself,
your forgotten depths,
to another
through the space between your words?

How much do you reveal in
intimacy, into-me-see,

through tender eyes,
a vulnerable smile,
through the tears and trembles of your emotional body,
and gentle, asking touch?

How much do you share
what words cannot possibly capture,
what your mind cannot grasp,
yet what your heart knows,
all too well?

waiting for you in still silence,
is the voiceless voice of the Ages
that knows you
far more than you realize.

If only you turn towards this
ever-abiding presence
that has treasures for you,
eternal, ineffable Truths in the
spaciousness you are
preceding every word ever spoken.

If only you, just you,
have the courage to feel, remember,
give yourself to
what words cannot get,
but that you are,

so beautifully are.

*                    *                    *

*                    *                    *

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