Playing Through Fear

Playing Through Fear

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” ~ Farrah Gray.

The other day I did something that was a real stretch for me. It pushed all my buttons and had my monkey mind going pretty crazy leading up to it. I paid good money to get a two hour event in front of 200 people filmed by professional videographers. Oh how my mind fretted…

  • What if the room layout isn’t right?
  • What if the audience doesn’t want to participate?
  • What if the lighting is bad?
  • What if the film doesn’t turn out good?
  • Maybe I should just cancel. Maybe I should just call it off. It’s probably not the right time and place.

The fork in the road was laid out in front of me. What do I choose: Listen to my monkey mind or go for it? I chose the latter, and sure enough the event and video turned out spectacular, better than I could have imagined, and my playground has and will expand because of it.

F.E.A.R. ~ False Evidence Appearing Real

I was reminded after this event how strong and convincing our fearful thoughts can be. And how far from the truth they usually are. Yet we listen to them all the time. Imagine the implications of this, and what would be different if we didn’t.

The size of your playground is relative to how much you can, as Susan Jeffers says, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.

Where are you allowing your fearful monkey mind to limit your playground possibilities? What would you do if you felt the fear and did it anyway?

On the other side of fear is your playground waiting for you.

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