Float Before You Fly

Float Before You Fly

“Security by itself will never produce what we crave the most – a life rich in joy and meaning. Our uncertain times are profound opportunities for personal growth. As soon as we muster the courage to explore uncharted territory without a compass, we discover our powerful internal GPS. Instead of being frightened by uncertainty, accept your uncomfortable feelings as an invitation to connect more deeply with your spirituality.” ~ Doris Helge

Today, more than ever, we are seeing people floating in their lives, uncertain of their life direction. Youth are finding it harder to know and commit to a career path, educated adults are leaving high paying jobs to travel or take on a simple, less stressful low paying job, and seekers are spending more time and money on personal development workshops than professional development classes. Some of these people are enjoying their floating period, seeing it as an empowering choice, and others are afraid, uncertain of where they are going in life. What is true for so many of these individuals is that, on a deeper level, their choice to float is in response to a intuitive calling to live from their soul.

Generations past did not have as may wanderers, seekers of truth, as we do now. For one thing, people generally stayed closer to their place of birth. They had less options and were given a clear idea at an early age of what career choices were suitable or available. For women, they were to become teachers, nurses or stay at home wives. For men, they worked as proprietors, businessmen or factory workers. There was a clear path laid out for them from the onset which seemed the obvious choice.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~ Albert Einstein

Predictable, linear and conventional decision making is a product of our rational or logical mind which functions within time, space, reason and the use of prior knowledge. Uncertainty, creativity and unlimited are qualities of the soul which exists beyond time, space, reason and the use of prior knowledge. As we feel the stirrings of our soul and hear the guidance of our intuition, we become less satisfied with the mundane trappings of the tried and tested. We want something more, something that will answer the hunger of our spirit to love what we do and do what we love. We want to move from doing a job to fulfilling a purpose on earth. And we are willing to experience the uncertainty that comes with changing our allegiance from logic to intuition.

Just like the caterpillar that temporarily evolves into a dark ooze before its transformation into a butterfly, humans must also float in uncertainty of who they are and where they are going before they fly. They must go through their own version of the Dark Night of the Soul before they discover the light of their own soul. It therefore takes great courage to sit in this place of not knowing when your logical mind (and the logical minds of those around you – usually your friends, family and loved ones) is jumping up and down, questioning and doubting your very “unreasonable” life choices. Your choices do not appear to be practical or realistic within the socially conditioned mindset. Instead you are choosing to listen to a deeper, wiser and more loving voice, one that sees you much bigger than your logical mind does, one that holds a vision for you much grander than your rational mind could ever see, and one that carries you forward in the true spirit of adventure and fulfillment.

Living a fulfilling life is a radical act

Floating is a necessary step before flying. It is a time of acquainting ourselves with our authentic Self. It is an opportunity to discover who we really are, what we authentically desire, and what no longer serves us. It is a time of reflection, release and new possibilities. It is a time to find a place in the world where life moves through you, guiding you towards dreams bigger than can be imagined. It is only in the unknown that we can truly know ourselves and live a fulfilling life.

The next time you see your son, daughter, friend or family member feeling uncertain about their life path, instead of being in judgment and thinking…

  • “Why hasn’t he found a career path yet?” 
  • “With all the education she has, you’d think she’d find something better than being a waiter!” 
  • “He is 36 years old and he still doesn’t know what he wants to do!”

…ask yourself if you really know what is best for this person? Do you really know what this person’s soul path is about? Perhaps he is simply floating before he flies.

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