You Will Never Get It All Done! ~ The Illusion of “Getting There”

You Will Never Get It All Done! ~ The Illusion of “Getting There”

Indeed it is true.
You will never ever reach
all you need to do. 

We have our endless to-do lists, and the continuous spill of emails filling our inbox. And we try so hard to complete it all, only to be disappointed that our plate is being served once again.

In continuing to look at what needs to get done, we fail to notice all that we have here and now. The Joy of this Moment. The blessings we have now in our life. We temporarily forget what life is all about.

There comes a point where we must say to ourselves, “I accept that I will never ‘get there.'” “I accept that there will always be loose ends to tie.” 

And thank goodness! What would life be like if all was done? We wouldn’t exist because we would have nothing to create, nothing to challenge us to grow. We’d be amorphous blobs, and very bored at that!

So with this in mind, be grateful! Send your loose ends, your jarring to-do list, and mental task manager blessings for always being there for you, always calling you forward into new possibilities.

And remind yourself daily, “I will never get it all done.” By doing so, you may find it easier to be easy on You! You may find it easier to walk away from Mount Should, and play with your kids or go out in nature.

Alas, you may sigh, take a deep breath, and perhaps laugh at yourself. You will have remembered what really matters, what life is all about.

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