Magickal Unicorn Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for awakening the Magick within and your power to create yourself, and the world, anew

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
  • Further Details & Registration: Please click the link at the bottom
“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.” ~ Richard Bach, Illusions

Like every creation of God, Unicorns are an immense force of Cosmic Consciousness. Beyond simply myth and folklore, they are present in our collective hearts and imagination as something very real and eternal that calls us to greater possibilities. As with fairy tales, children love them because they reflect back the truth that there is so much more — that we are so much more! They invite us to jump on their backs and fly into higher altitudes of Spirit and wonder, where we can see the world, and all we’ve been taught to believe, as something entirely different, something most adults have forgotten. 

To be abundantly clear, Unicorns indeed exist. And they have many important purposes in our lives. Like Dragons, they are powerful reality-makers, calling us to remember the power of make-believing — the creative act of making our own beliefs, again and again, as children do so well. This empowers us to question what we’ve been told and thought true, and to make-believe ourselves, and our world, anew according to our heart’s wild imaginings. We make beliefs up, high in angelic realms, co-creating with Fairies, Druids, Pegasus, and other mystical beings, where our higher self resides and we feel at home. 

You might be wondering why the “k” in magickal, and if I made a spelling mistake. I did not. Magic is about creating illusions, whereas magick is about transcending them. One is a performance, the other is a powerful act of creation, detached from needing to please, while being open to that possibility. Further distinction can be found if we go back into ancient times. There we find the essence of magick as the age-old art of invoking mysterious, supernal forces to create life anew, by transforming one thing into another. This is notable in witchcraft, healing arts and alchemy, to give a few general and overlapping examples. Herbs are transformed into medicine, pain into health, led into gold — an old, false belief into an empowering one!

Far from a master illusionist, the Magickal Unicorn is a master reality-maker. And in this sacred ceremony, it wants you to remember that you are, too. In receiving a direct transmission from its colourful Oversoul, you are empowered to realize the magickian you are, your inherent birthright as a powerful creative force to command miracles of transformation. You merge with and calibrate to its mystical consciousness, which simultaneously activates the qualities this sacred being represents that also exist in you, in your spiritual DNA — qualities your Magickal Inner Child has kept vigil over throughout your life. They include innocence, wonder, imagination, spontaneity, beauty, genius creativity, risk-taking, curiosity, flexibility, playfulness and more.

These inherent divine qualities blossom into your awareness, and you begin to remember the colourful dreamer in you who never left, the childlike magick and freedom that is your natural state. This ignites a fire in your heart, and creates a resurgence of self- and life-affirming beliefs that empower you to make-believe an entirely new existence.

The Spirit of the Unicorn longs to serve you this way; and to transmute what you’ve learned about yourself, and life, that keeps you trapped in grey, mundane landscapes, and “being realistic”; in beliefs assuming this is all there is that veil you from higher knowing. There was a time you knew without question, and then you were conditioned to question what you knew. The logical, left-brain world held too much power over your Magickal Unicorn spirit, and led you away and astray from your intuitive heart, the feeling, dreaming centre that knows without knowing how it knows. Like most, you likely found yourself increasingly walking down shadowy roads of perceived realism that, ironically, led you from what’s true and real, inside and out. In this ceremony, the Magickal Unicorn helps you reclaim the knowing in your childlike heart that never left, that has stubbornly whispered through the mire of lies and fear, There is more — so much more!

This more that is your divine inheritance is remembered and embodied as you heal all that keeps you feeling and believing in less. The safe and loving presence of the Magickal Unicorn supports this by “performing” magick on you, alchemizing carbon imprints of fear, shame and doubt in your DNA into the pure crystalline light of your authentic soul power. This allows you to viscerally return to the abundant Playground of Life that is rightfully yours, and you — and that, truthfully, has never left.

Via the link further below, you are encouraged to set intentions for healing empowerments on anything you want. A few places to look are: 

  • Healing programmed beliefs inculcated by the church that classified magick as sinful in order to keep you enslaved to false, corrupt power, and disconnected from your creative soul. One belief might be, “Magick is the work of the devil”.
  • Healing painful past life memories of being persecuted for being a pagan, witch or magickian of any kind
  • Healing toxic programming learnt through the education system, where you were likely taught not to make-believe, but believe what’s already made. In this case, a belief might be, “It’s not safe to follow my heart.”
  • Healing conditioning from parents who swayed you towards academia over the arts you longed to pursue, and that made you believe, “I am not creative”. 
  • Healing stories that say you are not worthy of more, that make you believe you must settle, fit in, and be anything less than wildly colourful and magickal. Stories that claim its safer to conform to consensus “reality” than enter unknown spaces between antiquated beliefs juggled high in angelic air. 

This ceremony is about safely returning to that space where you open your Unicorn wings, feel the lightness of your unadulterated soul, and own and make known the magick-maker who knows no bounds — who knows all is not what it seems. That commands miracles with the power of words, spelling them out into the creative ether, transforming impossible into I’m Possible! Indeed, from illusions to reality, space is made for ever-abiding truth, the Magickal Alchemist and Unicorn within, for the unlimited power to create yourself, and the world, anew.

With enough magick returned to your heart, what comes alive is the truth that there is no life without magick. Magick is life, and life is magick. And that a magickal life is not only possible, but your destiny. Indeed, with magickal healing and activation from the Wondrous Unicorn, you remember that the Kingdom of Light does not, in any way, stop you from living your soul adventures to the heights of joy and possibility; and that the only limits you experience are those you make-believe.

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