Just Follow Play Date

Just Follow Play Date

One of my playshop participants recently told me a great way to have a play date.

Her daughter sent her a written invitation to play in her room at a specific date and time. A sign was placed on the door asking not to be disturbed during their play date.

Once in the room, she simply followed how her daughter wanted to play. If her daughter wanted to comb her hair, she happily played along. Mom practiced The Spirit of Yes And and joyfully danced with her daughter’s playful agendas.

Imagine how much this meant to her daughter.

Set up a play date with a loved one and simply follow.

Consider it a waltz into the unknown where the thrill of adventure lies; where control is released and flow is embraced. Isn’t this what life is about?! You never know what you might discover!

You may find that playing along here will make it easier to accept Life’s endless invitations to dance.

“Play is training for the unexpected.” ~Marc Bekoff

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