The Spirit of Yes And

The Spirit of Yes And

Yes But sees Limitations. Yes And sees Possibilities.
But Separates. And Joins.

We live in a society that is well trained to say Yes But. We are more conditioned to see limits than possibilities.

Saying Yes is respecting your, or someone else’s, feeling, idea or circumstance and being open to what it may have to offer. It is about acknowledging, appreciating and including without judgement, without the need to fix, and without even the need to agree. Saying And is finding creative ways to build upon it and then playfully seeing where it goes.

There is no aliveness or potential in Yes But. It keeps us in the proverbial box and living in the status quo. The adventure of life begins when we take the risk to say Yes And. We soon realize life has much more in store for us than we can currently imagine.

This includes saying Yes And to:

  • Your intuition
  • Other people’s contributions
  • Irrational imagination and unconventional solutions
  • Uncertainty and the unexpected
  • Allowing things to be as they are
  • Natural, spontaneous self-expression
  • An easier way
  • Joy

Living in the Spirit of Yes And is like using a new muscle that over time strengthens and becomes a natural part of our language and way of living. We soon find ourselves saying Yes to more of what life brings us And creating from it in innovative, successful and joyful ways.

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