Anger and Truth ~ Reclaiming Your Voice and Life

Anger and Truth ~ Reclaiming Your Voice and Life

We play nice and accommodate others. We don’t speak up and say what is really going on for us. We deny our truth, our Voice, and as such, we reach a boiling point.

What starts out as irritation soon becomes anger. We cannot play this game anymore. We cannot continue to deny what is real, what is true inside.

Maybe you are staying too long in a relationship, or perhaps you are continuously acquiescing to the needs of others. Perhaps you have tolerated someone’s disrespect for too long now, or maybe you are fed up with how you are treating yourself.

You’ve had enough! 

It’s time to step forward and claim your voice, speak with assertiveness, and act with clear conviction!

Anger is an excellent motivator, a passionate source of truth. It can be a cry from our soul that a boundary has been crossed, or we are living out of integrity.

The key is to act on your feelings before you boil over so you are grounded and conscious in your actions.

It starts with awareness. Be aware if you are feeling continuous agitation, a sense of imbalance, or disrespect. Then act! Speak up. Ask for what you want, say No, stop care-taking others, protecting people, and overreaching yourself. Stand firmly in your truth. Be truthful to You!

Your inner voice will tell you what is true for you. And so will your anger.

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