3 Places to Hide

3 Places to Hide

One of my favourite ways to play is to hide on others. Those closest to me know I like to disappear, and then suddenly jump out from behind a tree or from under a stairwell, and of course, joyously scare them! How fun!!

Well, just in case you need a few more ideas, here are three places to hide that I particularly like.

1. In the Elevator

3 Places to Hide












My friend Ross spontaneously decided to play Hide and Seek with his boys in the elevator. To his delight, they played along, scurrying around, trying to find a hiding spot!

One of my participants who I shared this story with decided to try this with her son. She wrote:

“My son was shocked when I started counting to ten and announced a game, I was even more shocked when I couldn’t find him! He masterfully remained silent, one inch behind me as I scurried about looking for him. I had to look up and locate him in the mirror on the ceiling. He surprised me, and the fun of the moment surprised me. Thank you.”

2. In the Dressing Room

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Clothes shopping is not my favourite thing, so a few months ago I decided to change things up a bit. As Mount Clothes began to pile high in the dressing room, I decided to hide underneath and surprise my family! How could I resist…all those soft clothes beckoned me to jump right into them!

3. Behind Your Hands

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Yesterday, I was spontaneously invited into a game of Peek-a-Boo by a child I had never met before. I looked down at him in his stroller, and there he was, partially covering his eyes, waiting for me to play along. And play I did! And it was one of the highlights of my day!

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I am always reminded that play is simplicity – it is simple moments of delight that touch us the most, change our day for the better, and create lasting memories. All we need to do is look through a childlike lens, and we’ll find playful opportunities everywhere!

As you go about your week, instead of looking at a place, or walking by it, perhaps you can hide in it, or under it. Just by doing that simple spontaneous act, you may turn someone’s routine and stress into fun and delight.


3 Places to Hide1












Have a Playful day!

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