Your Real Power ~ Redefining Power Through Play

Your Real Power ~ Redefining Power Through Play

“We are powerful beyond measure, and so deeply vulnerable at the same time. This may seem like a dichotomy, but it isn’t. We have misunderstood real power. It has been something assertive, non-surrendering, pushing on through. This is not real power. This is simply willfulness. Real power is something else- receptivity, openness, the courage to keep your heart open on the darkest of days, the strength to feel it all even when the odds are stacked against you. Real power is showing up with your heart on your sleeve and absolutely refusing to waste one moment of your life hidden behind edginess and armour.” ~ Jeff Brown

Play connects us to our Real Power. The spirit of a child is open-hearted, receptive, vulnerable and sensitive. It is these qualities and more that Play invokes in us. Play, in all its wisdom, redefines what it means to be a powerful individual and leader in today’s world.

Let’s remember to see children as powerful beings who are here to create their life from the wisdom and strength of their vulnerable playful spirit, and treat them as such. They are not empty vessels waiting to be filled; rather they are vessels of infinite love and wisdom ready to be expressed.

We can only hold this vision to the degree we embody it ourselves. Therefore, go out and play, and as you do, you will give your Self back to You!

When we Remember to Play, we Remember our Self.

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