Why We Need to Initiate Play More Than Ever!

Why We Need to Initiate Play More Than Ever!

Consider this: The average child spends up to 8 hours a day on technology. It’s addictive nature, combined with the increasing busyness of our lives, makes it difficult for parents to pull children away from their screens, and get them playing.

And yet, it is more necessary than ever to do so!

The more the toy does, the less the child does.

I was recently invited to a dinner party at a friend’s place. One of the adults there – also a friend – brought her two young girls with her. Instead of doing the adult thing and chit chatting around the dinner table, I played with the girls… for four hours! We played hide and seek, turned yoga blocks into boats and forts, created skits, squished ourselves under furniture, and much more. After a few hours, the other adults caught on to the fun and joined in. We were soon crawling around the floor, improvising and laughing hysterically.

The next morning the mother phoned to thank me for playing with her girls. She went on to say that this was the first time she could remember her children going through an entire evening without asking for “screen time”. She also said she really needed the good laugh – the play time! We went on to discuss how easy it is to go to a dinner party and talk about all the usual serious stuff. It is easy to hide out in our comfort zone of social patterns. When we do, we miss the opportunity right in front of us to feel incredibly good, and to make the children in our lives feel good as well.

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