“Vince’s keynote and playshop was by far one of the best we have attended. Staff were inspired and engaged and developed the skills and confidence to challenge the systems and barriers we perceive and operate within. The impact has been profound; the staff commented that they developed a greater sense of tolerance and appreciation for each other. It was a good reminder for us all that work could still be fun. Vince’s authenticity, youthful approach and infectious passion greatly influenced our organization, the staff, and the people we support.” ~ Anita Sihota, Executive Director, Delta Community Living Society

For almost twenty years I’ve been leading custom designed keynotes and playshop (workshops) that provide a balance of laughter and learning (Ha Ha’s and Ah Ha’s!). The emphasis is always on powerful experiential learning, engaging stories, practical tools and open discussions as pathways for growth and healthy living.

Organizations wishing to work with me always receive free consulting that assists with identifying and improving operating systems and skill development. This includes telephone and/or in-person meetings to conduct needs assessments, advise on changing communication and management systems, and offer ways to integrate the learning into the organizational culture.

Click Keynotes and Playshops for detailed information, including suggested topics.

Ongoing benefits include:

  • Leadership, Empowerment & Personal Responsibility
  • Clarity, Vision & Values
  • Communication Systems
  • Team Spirit & Camaraderie
  • Self-Care & Stress Release
  • Adaptability, Flexibility & Openness
  • Trust, Empathy & Listening
  • Creativity & Possibility Mindset
  • Self & Group Awareness
  • Productivity & Job Satisfaction
  • Collaboration & Engagement

Questions often explored include:

  • Who do I want to be in this organization and life?
  • What is the impact I am currently having, and want to have?
  • How can I be more authentic in my leadership style?
  • What are my gifts, strengths and values, and how can I express them more?
  • Where am I playing victim versus being leader?
  • What is one thing I can contribute to the organization (versus waiting for the organization to change)?
  • Where do I have a hard time saying No? Saying Yes?
  • Where do I have a hard time asking for what I want? Asking for help?
  • How can I best empower myself, and others, through communication and my overall way of being?