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Empowering Individuals, Relationships and Teams

“Vince is simplicity, presence, aliveness, skilled and knowledgeable. The shifts I have made during and after my coaching sessions with him are powerful and meaningful.” ~ Morgan C.

Coaching is a powerful relationship designed to accelerate your personal and professional development, and to support you to play a new and exciting part in our emerging world. It empowers you to be a leader both at home and work, and to live with greater purpose, joy, productivity and self-care.

Benefits of coaching:
  • Discover your core values
  • Tap into and act upon your intuition or inner wisdom
  • Clarify life/business direction and priorities
  • Cultivate your creativity and imagination 
  • Create meaningful and healthy relationships
  • Learn empowering communication skills
  • Enhance self-awareness and confidence
  • Strengthen your capacity to speak your truth and deal with conflict
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and roles
  • Improve physical well-being and lower stress
  • Create concrete goals and clarify plans of action
  • Learn to trust yourself and the deeper flow of life
  • Practice greater self-care, and have more fun!

How Coaching Works
Voice & Creative Expression Coaching

Happy Clients

5 signs you may be ready for coaching:
  1. Personal insight ~ you have new insight about who you are and your place in the world
  2. New unexpected opportunities ~ new opportunities have arisen and you need clarity on how to move towards them
  3. Less fulfilment in a particular life area ~ the joy you feel in a particular area of your life is waning
  4. Changing priorities ~ what used to be important doesn’t have the same meaning anymore
  5. Desire for something more ~ you feel called to something more, even if you can’t quite get a clear picture on what that is

Coaching helps you integrate these insights and opportunities into your life through practical and meaningful steps. It supports you to act courageously and from an open heart and clear mind.