The Dark Forces are Waiting for You to Show Up in Your Power

The Dark Forces are Waiting for You to Show Up in Your Power

Maybe the dark forces are waiting for You to show up in your Power. And that in spending so much time pointing them out, highlighting their nefarious hidden agendas, you can continue hiding your light. All the while you confuse your persistent pointing with your power. It’s a deceptive and convenient game many are playing these days. 

Your power arises first from confronting your powerlessness. This is the purpose of tribal initiation practices and rights of passage—giving youth a taste of the depth and wisdom of uncertainty and vulnerability; of giving way to a higher force. Because most in the West have not been initiated, they, most naturally, are afraid to be powerless. Yet there are significant consequences. Namely, that they project this fear onto those they believe to be holding the power in the world. And because most have not dealt with the unresolved power wounds from childhood authority figures, culture and beyond, this patterned projection is that much stronger. 

And so I don’t say this lightly: Without spending enough time going into the vulnerability of our unprocessed pain and sitting in the depth of our powerlessness, we lose ourselves in calling out the 1%. We project our unresolved rage, shame, grief, fear all over them. And while there is indeed nefarious motives at the top and a need to whistleblow, it is the degree that one does this while simultaneously ignoring their interiority that I speak to. It’s this gross imbalance that I’m seeing at alarming rates these days. 

Ultimately, each person must walk the path of powerlessness, the “40 days and 40 nights” which is usually much, much longer. Each must heal their personal and ancestral power wounds and relationship with authority. Once they do, they will find the light within that is the only true source of authority that can lead us out of the darkness. We will be like the wise ones on the planet who, as you will notice, spend little to no time talking about the 1% because bringing in the light is the way. We will do our part in holding a frequency that releases the dark forces from their age-old counter-balancing role. 

Indeed, what if the dark forces are waiting for You?

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