From Victim to Leader

From Victim to Leader

Think back to a time when you felt someone had done you wrong, a time you felt victimized in some way.

Perhaps it was at work – someone was always late, or speaking to you with disrespect. Or maybe it was at home – you were the one always doing the household duties; the responsibilities were not equally shared.

While it is easy to point at others and blame, it is more empowering to point within.

We move from victim to leader when we own our role in any conflict. Instead of blaming the other, we look for what we can do differently to change things.

Maybe you:

  • Let someone know what your expectations are
  • Tell someone how you feel about the way they speak to you
  • No longer enable someone or a situation
  • Say No and create healthy boundaries

What would you have done differently in your situation if you had acted as Leader?

Next time you catch yourself in blame or victim mode, ask yourself, What role am I playing in this situation? Then look for what courageous steps you can take to empower the situation and yourself.

When you own your side of the story, you create the space for the relationship and situation to change in a healthy and positive direction.

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