Elephant Grieving Wisdom Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for healing attachment wounds, empowering your relationship with grief, and activating bone wisdom 

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  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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What a Joy it is to invite you to this ceremony with this beloved Spirit Animal and powerful teacher whose presence goes far back into ancient times. Elephant’s healing medicine and living message brings old wisdom, body/soul memory, raw emotionality, and familial connection. Via a direct transmission from its loving Oversoul, these and other possibilities come alive in your DNA, heart and human experience. They awaken from dormancy, providing tremendous opportunities for healing and empowerment, a richer experience of relationships and embodiment of life. 

Elephants are known to shed tears

In witnessing the great size and strength of Elephants, it’s easy to overlook something subtle you may not know about them: that they are very deep feelers. Yes, they trumpet great joy, especially around their young ones and during reunions; but their sentience also shines in their immense willingness to grieve. They ritualistically mourn the death of family and friends in intimate ways; like in how they trek a good distance to visit a loved one’s carcass, interact with its bones, and commune with its spirit. 

While Elephants show no reticence towards emotionality, for humans in the busy, disembodied West, the vulnerability of grieving is generally avoided. Particularly with boys, our cultures teach that it’s bad to show tears and be weak; to let go and fall apart into a tear-soaked mess; and that doing so warrants a diagnosis / label and suppressive and toxic psychopharmaceuticals. 

A reluctance to feel sadness can impel one to default to anger as a way of life, as the easier or safer emotion. This survival adaptation is a surefire way to create health problems. Traditional Chinese Medicine says that cancer can be related to excess dampness in the system; and that this might be due to unfelt or unmoved tears. Too much unprocessed red hot angry energy can also cause issues with our liver, a boiling heat that may seek resolution through bubbling red psoriasis or eczema. This is anger’s exit strategy; much like how yelling at children and abusing dogs is an exit strategy.

In this ceremony, the deep feeling nature of Elephant comes to support your relationship with grief; to make it safer and easier to rest deeper in your emotional body. If you are willing and open, Elephant can heal fears related to tears; like being taken advantage of or rejected if you are “too” vulnerable, if you let go of control; or that tears will “get me in trouble.” Elephant can transmute the roots of shame-based beliefs that claim crying is “for sissies / weaklings” or “bad / wrong.” And Elephant medicine can liberate you from limiting and lonely survival ideas that say you “have to be strong.”

When we disconnect from our emotional body, we disconnect from ourselves. Compounded by the need to be strong to cope and survive, this inner abandonment is the source of our loneliness; an emptiness that cannot be filled by externals, no matter how many people we surround ourselves with. Turning towards our emotional body, and especially our heart, which is the centre of our grief, we gradually come home to ourselves, and dissolve painful illusions of separation that cause loneliness. 

Roaming the African Safari

The ancient Grieving Wisdom of Elephant can support you with this dissolution of pain and separation. It’s transmission can free e-motion — energy in motion — so that inner pressure from suppressing grief and associated painful memories can let go. Reservoirs of vital life force can flow more fully through your system, which can improve, if not completely resolve mental, emotional and physical ailments. Relaxation, trust, creativity, productivity, focus and sexuality become balanced and alive when emotion and chi flow freely. 

To be clear, Elephant is not here to take grief away from you, but to transmute painful memories and blocks associated with trapped feelings that can span lifetimes and generations. Elephant’s loving transmission supports you to rest more safely into the sacredness of your emotional body, which is your emotional wealth. Resting in your vulnerability, and in the humility that grief brings, graces your heart, nervous system, muscles, bones and Soul with told and untold blessings.

The cleansing power
each sacred tear
wipes away the old
and prepares you
for the new.

Learning to fall apart inside not only liberates your emotional body, but supports you to consciously be with and transition through your outer world when it falls apart; which it inevitably will. Compassionately tending to heartbreak even empowers you to welcome changing times with confidence, hope and optimism. Embracing emotions, especially grief, thus makes it easier to surrender to what’s often messy, but necessary; to the heartbreak needed if you are to break through and open to new frontiers of living.  

Beautiful Mystery in this Great Being

Beyond supporting grief work, the medicine of Elephant lies in this animal’s extraordinary memory. Elephants have deep roots in our ancient history. Just consider their distant ancestors the giant woolly Mammoth and Mastodon who go back hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years. Having experienced many ups and downs, the cycles of dark and light going back into antiquity, and with an acute sense of their expansive environment, Elephants are like walking Akashic record keepers for Gaia, gathering and holding the stories and wisdom of old in their massive bones.

Just as rocks and crystals hold ancient information from the planet, so do bones. You can consider rocks and crystals as the bones of Mother Earth. Memory thus extends far beyond the confines of the brain; hence us saying, “I know/feel it in my bones.” This role as a record-keeping storehouse is part of Elephant’s powerful medicine. Not only can this Spirit Animal heal painful memories and memory blocks, but it serves to activate ancient records, the forgotten wisdom of Earth and Sky, the cellular remembrance of our divine origins — the marrow or essence of who we are! 

Indeed, with old, deep memory banks, Elephants are like elder wisdom keepers, which is what large ears symbolize. This symbolism is found in Buddhism and other oriental traditions (or perhaps Spock?). The iconography of Buddha, for example, with long stretched ears symbolizes having ears to hear, like the suffering of the world. It represents one who renounces the world in favour of spiritual enlightenment, or inner wisdom.

Feel the wisdom and dignity of this striking Elder

Another gift of Elephants is their inspiring orientation towards family and community. They are not lone creatures, but social ones that find strength in bonding and connection. For this reason, you may also turn to this beloved Spirit Animal to heal tender wounds around safely opening to others and intimacy. This may include patterns of pushing others away and not asking for help — of “I have to do it alone.” You may ask Elephant to resolve pain related to betrayal that keeps you resentful, angry and distant — defaulting to patterns of protection over connection. 

A common source of feeling unsafe and closed in relationship, and generally isolated in the world, is adverse childhood experiences; specifically attachment failures, and the belief “I’m not wanted.” Often starting in utero, these developmental wounds can be existential, in that we need to feel wanted and attached to survive, if only psychologically. We need to unequivocally know I exist in the heart and mind of mommy and / or daddy; and to rest safely in this knowing, ideally in soft arms, and next to tender, loving hearts that instinctively speak the language of love, without words.

Turned to intimately, and felt with compassion, we sense just how much attachment failures and “I’m not wanted” are matters of the heart; a pained heart that constricts and closes, and longs, achingly, to know I matter — to you; I belong, by belonging in your heart. Without this relational need met, this primal sense of familial belonging, and with hearts closed in protected pain, children experience what can feel like death, the all-too-common unbearable aloneness. And they can grow up afraid, if not terrified, of opening their hearts to another. 

In this sacred ceremony, in loving communion with Great Elephant, you can ask to have childhood wounds related to neglect, abandonment, abuse and unbearable aloneness healed. Even more, you can ask this beautiful Spirit Animal to give you an experience of what safe, familial bonding feels like. This is called the missing experience — what you longed for as a child, but were not given. By experiencing loving connection with the Spirit of Elephant, not only are trauma and heart-wounds healed, but new neural pathways are built towards safety, connection and love. 

With healing of these core, relational wounds, it progressively becomes easier and more natural to experience open-hearted, joyous connection with others. Elephant in this ceremony can empower you to be more authentic as a mother, father, best friend, sibling, team-member, community builder, etc; to awaken new levels of trust, receptivity, patience, intimacy, joy and love in your most important relationships. 

These empowering possibilities arise not just from healing, or clearing trauma and programming, but from activating the crystalline light codes of your Soul. Making up the entirety of your divine blueprint, they lay nestled against the full length of your biological DNA, awaiting activating. As a perfect holographic mirror of the Blueprint of Creation, your Soul carries the encoded divine qualities of all aspects of life, including Elephant, and uniquely so. The totality of Elephant’s ancient medicine and message lives within your Cosmic Soul. 

Resonating with this Spirit Animal’s transmission in this ceremony, your crystalline Elephant codes come to life. To the degree you are open, the divine qualities Elephant is known for, inherent to your Soul, are born in your human awareness. These include grieving wisdom, Earth-life wisdom, memory, family, bonding, joy, nurturing, tenderness, gentleness, dignity, strength, fierce protection, and more. They include the profound heart-intelligence that Elephants are known for, demonstrated by a willingness to ritualistically grieve and commune with deceased loved ones.

If you take a moment and imagine a herd of Elephants, or just one, and feel into these beings, you can sense what those qualities are. You may find yourself beginning to vibrate alive, or experience your heart expanding in gratitude and joy as you feel into the beauties and wonders of Elephant. This is your visceral recognition of these divine qualities as being your own, a resonant, heartfelt coming home to your Elephant Soul. 

This sacred ceremony advances these and other possibilities through your direct communion with the Great Spirit of Elephant. It is thus a great honour to represent this Spirit Animal, and to invite you to share in this unique honour.

In setting your intentions for healing and empowerment, which you are guided to do via the link below, you may ask for support on anything. Nothing is too much to ask from this beloved Spirit Animal, whether in the context of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. Most of all, trust to your wise heart and loving Elephant to guide you home to your Elephant Soul.

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