2 Ways to Appreciate Others

2 Ways to Appreciate Others

One of the skills I teach in my playshops is appreciation. Participants often realize afterwards how much they don’t express appreciation to co-workers, family and friends.

When we think of appreciation we think of acknowledging what someone has done:

  • That’s a beautiful painting.
  • That project turned out really well.
  • What an incredible back flip!

What we often forget to do is appreciate the person behind the doing ~ who we see them being:

  • I appreciate how imaginative you are.
  • You put a lot of heart and determination in that project.
  • You are so courageous to do that!

Imagine you just shared a painting, completed a project or did a back flip – which form of appreciation would touch your heart most?

Play with both forms. There is a place for both. And don’t forget to practice with your Self. The more you appreciate in you, the more you will find to appreciate in others.

Have a Playful Monday!

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