You Market Your Purpose by Living It

You Market Your Purpose by Living It

While useful to market your business, the most important means of making a living from doing what you love is to truly live your message. And as your offering ripens and you deepen further into life, life moves you, guides you and wanders with you further along winding roads leading you to the people ready for your services. There is not as much need to push as much as flashy, tech-savvy, and dare I say, manipulative marketers may deceive us into believing. There is not as much need to make things happen if we feel and trust the pulse of life moving us, and have the courage and awareness to follow, to let it lead us into wild unknowns. 

Too much pushing and getting lost in the technological world and excessive marketing strategies is a fast-track to forgetting that, ultimately, you are here to simply live your offering, and to live it simply. And by living it in modest means you teach it and draw to you those who wish to live not bound by their computer or the rat race, or the illusions of fanciful success, but rather close to their hearts, to Nature, to the Way of things.

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