Using the Mirror ~ Reclaiming the Gifts of Your Shadow Side

Using the Mirror ~ Reclaiming the Gifts of Your Shadow Side

The moment you no longer need the world to be any different than the way it is right now, you are most empowered to create change. This empowerment comes only through taking full responsibility for who you are instead of projecting it outward onto the world.

Projection happens when you don’t fully own certain aspects of your Self. Whatever you do not own, known as your dark or shadow side, you in fact fear. Your fear stems from your past conditioning where you were taught on some level to be some things, and not to be others. As a result, you disowned certain aspects of your Self, suppressing them into the dark. But whatever you have denied, or can’t be with within, you cannot be with without. You invariably react to what you notice “out there” that you can’t be with within. This is projection, and reaction is its essence.

Whatever you can’t be with, you will attract a mirror for that shows you your dark side. This is universal compassion always calling you back to wholeness. The coach’s role is to be the Light of Awareness that supports you to notice and integrate the hidden gifts of each mirror for the sake of reclaiming your shadow side. Integrity comes from the word “integration” which simply means nothing left out. Until you embrace your dark side, you will continuously attract mirrors that only seem to reflect more loudly showing you what you have not reintegrated back into your being.

Whatever you want for the world, you have to give yourself first. Real external change comes by first accepting all your denied or hidden aspects. The more you do this, the more you reclaim your inherent wholeness, and the Light of Truth then becomes the source of your vision and action.

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