The Answer to How is Yes

The Answer to How is Yes

A friend of mine has struggled to earn a healthy living through her spiritual practice for a while now. Because of her low income, she has ignored many things that need fixing, including painting the house, re-paving the driveway and re-shingling the roof.

She has spent many years frustrated and scared thinking How she is going to get this done, wondering How to work harder in order to make the money, and praying to the universe saying, “How can I earn enough money to pay for this.” She has been stuck in fear and focused on the problem instead of the solution.

Old energy grants primary power to the problem
New energy grants primary power to the solution

One morning she woke up and decided that she was no longer going to worry about How it would get done, and instead focus on it getting done. Her and her son began discussing what colour they wanted the shingles to be and the house to be painted, and whether to re-do the driveway with concrete or black-top. She spoke as if it was going to get done, even though she had no idea How it would. Through imagining and discussing, she felt it happening, and saw the painters with their ladders and buckets of paint, and the shinglers hammering nails in the roof. She focused on What she wanted and felt it within.

That same day at 2pm she received a monthly newsletter in the mail which had an article about a government sponsored neighborhood rehabilitation program. This program supports low income households with up to $20000 of repairs to their home so long as their yearly income is below a certain level. She would not have to make any payments or pay interest. Every year they write off $2000 and at the end of 10 years the loan is completely written off. If she sells her home before the 10 years is up, she has to pay the balance due – which would come out of the sale of her home.

The solution she’d been waiting for came to her the same day she moved from focusing on the problem to the solution. Humanity is now evolving to a point where there is a new energy way of creating solutions, one that is based in saying Yes to what we want, Yes to our Spirit and Yes to co-creating with the Universe.

Old energy grants primary power to How.
New Energy grants primary power to What.

Lesson #1 – Focusing on What you Want: When she focused on How, she was giving energy to lack and overcoming the problem, and maintaining a feeling of fear and desperation. She reinforced and created what she didn’t want and indirectly said No to what she did want. The moment she said Yes to what she wanted she sent new signals to the universe and invited a co-creative process to fulfill what she really truly desired.

Old energy grants primary power to Logic/Intellect
New energy grants primary power to Spirit/Intuition

Lesson #2 – From Intellect-Based Creation to Spirit-Based Co-Creation: When we focus too much on How, we tend rely on intellect to solve our situation. This is an old energy way of creating solutions that we are now evolving out of, one in which we burden ourselves with thinking our way out of a situation on our own. Creativity based purely in thought limits our creative capacity and feels like work. Life begins to feel more like play when we focus on what we want through our intuitive capacities of feeling and imagination. This is a new energy approach to creating solutions that humanity is evolving into. We allow our creative spirit to voice its desires and invite the universe to co-create with us in providing the solution.

Old energy grants primary power to our limited self
New energy grants primary power to the Universal Self

Lesson #3 – “You Don’t Get Extra Credit For Doing it Alone” ~ Lynda Austin: Once the woman’s application was accepted, she had the choice to either determine what was needed for rehabilitation on her own or ask a government liaison to come and assess her house for her. In choosing to ask for help from the liaison (something she would not have done a few years ago) he pointed out things that needed to get fixed that she would have overlooked if he hadn’t been there to show her. By asking for help, she got more than she would have assessing her house on her own! By asking for help from the universe we always get more than we could ever have imagined. Doing it on our own feels like work. This is the old energy way of doing things. When we invite the universe to support us, we align with the new energy way of living, and life feels like play!

Old energy grants primary power to Doing
New energy grants primary power to Being

Lesson #4 – Claiming your Self-Worth: Once the reality of this gift settled in, she began to feel unworthy of receiving it; that it should go to someone else who needs it more; that she needed to do something in order to earn it; that she was cheating somehow in getting something for nothing. This was the old energy within her speaking, the same part of her that was identified with How. This energy discounted her and saw that she needed to do something to earn her value. The logical/intellect mind says “Do this and you will earn your value.” The creative spirit says, “You are of value – now!”. The old energy sees doing as the primary source of creativity and self-worth. The new energy recognizes being as the prime source. In remembering your creative spirit you honour your Self, and recognize that you are a human being that does, not a human doing that is occasionally being.

By remembering your creative spirit, you remember You.
Your real job in life is not to say How, but rather Yes – to You!

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