She is the Door

She is the Door

by Vince Gowmon

From Wild Empty Spaces ~ Poems for the Opening Heart


She is the door.

She won’t let you in
you surrender to her,
you set down
the tattered old baggage
you have carried
and worshipped
these many years.

Drop the illusions
of your mind,
the ideas
of who you are:
the bluster,
the charm,
the false pretense,
the wild, well-versed stories
you tell so well.

The ones you have
so many others with.

None will work with her,
her piercing eyes see
right through them.

None will be the key
that opens the door,
that opens her heart.

Leave them at the threshold,
let them slip from your hand
and fall crashing to the floor,

leaving you

leaving you

Only then can you be received.
Only then can you enter
the sacred gateway.

There is a dream you have lived
that is no longer yours
to keep,
a dream that has carried you
and served you well,
an alluring dream
from which you are now waking.

Something magnificent,
something ineffable
waits for you
on the other side.

Something new
wants to be born.

Only what is real
can cross through.

Only what is real
can remain.

Everything else
must fall away.


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  1. Indeed, only our true essence opens doors, creates without limitations, embraces without judgement and invites joy without pre-requisites! Thank you for this lovely poem ❤️

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