Allow for a Day

Allow for a Day

What if for just one day you have complete faith in the unfolding of your life?

What if for just one day you allow life to be as it is, and practice the
Spirit of Yes And by accepting what is?

Instead of questioning, judging or condemning why something is the way it is,
you allow it to be as it is

Instead of trying to change someone, you allow them to be as they are

Instead of proving your point, you state the basic facts and allow the rest to be

Instead of directing the flow of conversation, you allow the flow to present
itself to you

Instead of being angry and flustered when stuck in traffic, you trust the traffic is working for you instead of against you

Instead of anxiously waiting for your late friend to arrive, you use the time to appreciate something positive that surrounds you

Instead of questioning another person’s decisions, you trust that perhaps it is the best they can do and that maybe there is a deeper purpose in their choice you may be unaware of

Instead of needing things to be organized, you accept and even enjoy a bit of messiness

Instead of challenging some else’s opinion, you honour their opinion
as being important to them

Instead of trying to convince someone to change their mind, you allow them to keep their mind just as it is

Instead of being bitter for why someone does something to you, you have faith that on a deeper level what they did was for you

Instead of continuously forcing an outcome to be something it is not,
you give up

Instead of asking Why, you accept not knowing

Instead of filling in the silence, you allow it to be empty

What if tomorrow, when you wake up, you set the intention to allow life to be as it is just for that one day? What’s possible?

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