Magical Inner Child

Magical Inner Child

“Today isn’t Monday. It’s a moment. A field of moments like a meadow of daisies. Every moment offers another chance to get present and choose love instead of fear. As you answer emails, go to the doctor, pick up the children: practice breathing in a new moment with new and infinite possibilities that exceed your mind’s limitations. It’s not Monday. It’s a stream of chances to be alive.” ~ Tama Kieves.

This is the playful mindset from which our Magical Inner Child sees and lives life!

Take a moment, and connect to the Magical Inner Child in You!

Imagine allowing your Magical Inner Child to take the lead on this Monday. Imagine she held the reins.

What would she direct you to do? How would she respond to your children, approach your creative project, speak to your team, respond to another’s ideas and feelings?

What would be a priority, and what would no longer be as important?

Allow your Magical Inner Child to Play, if only for this wonderful Monday!

Happy Monday!

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