Letting the Body Lead ~ Trusting the Movements of our Inner Wisdom

Letting the Body Lead ~ Trusting the Movements of our Inner Wisdom

When it comes to designing my playshops, I can be a real procrastinator; or so it would seem to my mind. Leading up to the event, my mind will say many times, “You need to get going! You won’t have enough time to do it all!” But despite its admonitions, I still don’t move. I stay on the couch, or seated on a log in the forest, or doing anything but designing my events. And then one day, I just suddenly start doing it. I know in my heart that it is time. My heart moves me, my body, without much thought. And as always, I have more than enough time (and the participants love the playshop!).

It would seem our mind knows what is best. But if we look more carefully, we will see that our body—where our heart, our intuition reside—knows more, if we just trust it to lead; if we just allow our body wisdom to spontaneously lead us, move us, in the here and now.

Today I went to my yoga class. As I was walking along my usual route I suddenly took a surprise detour. I remember thinking, “I wonder why I am going this way when I usually go that way!” But my feet kept moving me into a new adventure, down an alley in fact. Just ahead I saw a man rummaging through a bag next to a dumpster. Curious, and unsure if he was homeless, I approached him and asked, “What are you looking for?”

“Cigarette butts,” he replied, a bit surprised to see me.

“Well here.” I reached into my wallet and gave him some money. “Now you can buy some cigarettes.” He was so grateful at this unexpected gesture.

As I walked away, tears filled my eyes, tears of gratitude and joy for being given this opportunity to give to this beautiful man. I knew then why my body led me there. It knew what my mind had no way of knowing.

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