Healings & Activations for Souls with Autism

People on the autism spectrum have often been labelled as having “developmental disabilities”. Here’s another perspective: they are right brain dominant in a left brain, spiritually bereft western world that has long failed to value and prioritize this hemispheric playground. While their autism creates limitations in the linear, finite realm of left brain, logical functioning, these souls with a unique soul path find home in the infinite spectrum of right brain and heart-based intuitive perception / consciousness. From there they acutely sense energy, such as the emotional field in a room; they feel the subtleties of this world, and those of numinous planes and playgrounds beyond. 

The ceremonies I lead, such as those with Spirit Animals like Dolphin and Whale, are true blessings for them, a good energetic match. The pure, high frequencies I transmit, that the right brain and heart resonate with, give these unique souls with autism a chance to calibrate with that which feels like home; to feel soul validation and belonging; to know their place amongst the Sea of Stars, and that they are loved, just as they are!

Some specifics…

As you might know by now, people can still receive the healing and activation if not attending the ceremony, and without any diminishment in quality. However, if the person you are caring for plans on being on Zoom, where necessary, you must be on Zoom with them. You don’t need to receive the healing and activation / register yourself, you just need to be next to the person to support them. Uncomfortable feelings/sensations can arise during the ceremony and the person may need your soothing support, especially if young. They may also experience the comforts of joy, in which case they simply need you to energetically hold space for them and celebrate their experience.

People diagnosed with autism need to be both informed and to offer their consent as best as possible. The soul has to say Yes and know what it’s saying Yes to! As caregiver, you know better than I that you may need to be intuitively creative in how you convey this invitation and gather their consent. Equally so, you may need to be creative in helping them clarify their intentions, which are required. Do not worry about having the perfect intentions. Intentions such as I want to have more fun or I want to be happy are just fine. Most importantly, you can trust that the omniscient and loving Spirit Beings I work with will know the soul very well, and thus how to work with them.

For full information on intention setting and registration for all my ceremonies, click here 

Finally, below is a testimonial from a mother whose son, diagnosed with autism, I did healings for a few years back. 

Blessings, Vince

“Vince helped immensely in my healing, which led him to work with my beautiful son who is diagnosed with autism. Daily, he has faced challenges that arise from sensory overload from such things as loud and unexpected noises, large crowds, and new environments. He has also struggled communicating. After working with Vince I noticed significant changes in my boy. First and foremost, he referred to me for the first time ever as ‘my mommy’. When he is in need of help, instead of crying, he now asks for me. His self-regulation and self-awareness have improved dramatically, as well. Dogs barking were normally a trigger resulting in extreme meltdowns, but now he says ‘dog’ and covers his ears. If he hears sudden noises while we are out he runs to or asks for me and, together, we work through it. As a family these are substantial improvements that allow more flexibility in our daily routine and outings. I am thankful to have Vince for guidance for myself and for my son as we continue on our journey.” ~ Mary