Fool’s Wisdom

Fool’s Wisdom

“The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love – everything disappears. One starts living with a very light weight or almost no weight. So weightless one becomes, one can fly in the open sky.” ~ Osho.

Yesterday may have been April Fools’ Day, but every day is an opportunity to heed the wisdom of your inner Fool.

Your inner Fool has much to share. Are you listening?

The Fool is the archetypal energy of the inner child. Through innocence and trust, it follows its heart, steps into the unfamiliar and plays outside the lines.

It has no interest in being bound by social convention and expectations. It wants to live freely, and believes anything is possible. The Fool is only a fool in the eyes of others, for it says Yes to life where everyone else says No. It is therefore the master of its own destiny.

“Come,” it says, “this way, beyond who you think you ought to be, so that you may live fully and see life for what it is. Come and be who you were meant to be!”

What does your inner Fool want for you?

Imagine, what might you do differently in your life if you allowed your inner Fool to choose? What would you step towards? What would you step away from?

The world needs your inner Fool more than ever, and your inner Fool is ready to Play.

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