5G Summons Us to Be the Frequency-Emitting Towers the World Waits For

5G Summons Us to Be the Frequency-Emitting Towers the World Waits For

5G towers summon us now to be frequency-emitting towers ourselves. There are billions more people than there will ever be cell towers scattered amongst us. Weare the needed frequency holders if we are willing to do the work. To emit, like the wifi symbol symbolizes, waves of energy to the masses that matches and transmutes all the worry and dread tired fingers point at.

This isn’t metaphor, but quite literal.

There already are towers spread across our planet, as there always has been—wise ones, shamanic elders, sages, those who plant and hold a frequency for us to rise to. They are the interconnected “network” few talk about wrapping itself around the planet, a web holding the planet like a womb for birthing.

Too busy talking about the feared 5G network, we forget or dismiss the more powerful spirited network wizened ones hold the stake of remembrance for. We forget or dismiss our own inner tower.

It is our duty and our time to rise up to towering eldership, to risk fear for fomenting the uprising of our soul as the required medicine of these times. To be the tower and inspire the planting of more, strengthening the power of the soul network, the true source of salvation, not tearing the feared ones down.

Love Vince


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