Feel What You Want Tomorrow, Today ~ The Missing Key to Goal Setting

Feel What You Want Tomorrow, Today ~ The Missing Key to Goal Setting

Have you ever noticed that you attract more of what you want when you are feeling good?

As we start the new year off it is natural to set goals for a fulfilling and balanced year.

One thing often overlooked in our goal setting is that it is actually the feeling we are wanting by experiencing or attaining our goal.

Perhaps it is the fun that comes with a great holiday, the connection experienced in a romantic relationship, the satisfaction of regular exercise or the peace when being in nature.

Yes we want the tangible experience, yet more deeply it satisfies our need to feel alive!

When setting goals, try this two-part process:

1. Outer Desire: Clarify the tangible goals you want to accomplish (new job, partner etc).

2. Inner Desire: Tune into the feeling of experiencing your goals. Tune into the feeling as if they are already here in your life today. Imagine, feel, breathe in what it would be like now.

Being > Doing > Having

We are human beings. It is from the place of being in the experience that we empower our outer pursuits. It is the seat of creation and source of inspiration. And it is the heart of true abundance!

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