White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation

Welcome to White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation, the first offering of level 3! Carrying forward the momentum from level 2, this session serves to take you through the next stage of purifying your body and heart, opening you further to the unconditional loving presence of your Soul Star Essence. For there is always more — more of You to embody!


There is a saying in Japan: kajo waraku, which means to have a heart as peaceful, joyful and lovely as that of a flower. The flower is a beautiful symbol of opening our heart to the light we are. And none is more revered in spiritual circles, especially in the Buddhist tradition, than the lotus. Rising from the depth of the dark, it overcomes the dense murky mud to emerge into the light of a new dawn. Unsullied by its journey, its petals are clear and open, receptive to the purity and beauty of life. 

Considering the longstanding suffering and chaos in our world, and the adversity we go through personally, opening the petals of our heart is no small thing. I personally feel that the deepest wound is to the human heart, and that there is no shortage of reasons to keep it closed, hidden in the dark, away from further pain. White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation serves to heal the next layer of these tender wounds that keep our lotus heart closed and us separate from our full-bloom nature. More so, it helps the lotus temple of our entire body to awaken and bloom so it can house the fullness of our higher self. A flowering heart and purified body helps us courageously rise higher through the mud of our deeply held trauma and programming, and embody our shining essence. 

That essence is represented by the seed of the white pearl. This pearl essence carries the truth and memory of who we are as pure and innocent (unsullied) beings, which is what white symbolizes. Like the seed of a plant, this seed essence holds the coded potential for, and activates, the blooming lotus heart and soma, and the qualities associated with higher truth, such as purity and wisdom. 

Along with the lotus flower, pearls, too, have their own journey symbolic of birthing through resistance. Within certain mollusks, when a grain of sand or parasite penetrates the shell, the sea creature secrets a crystalline substance called nacre, also known as “mother of pearl”. Layer after concentric layer is secreted by the mollusk to protect itself from the invasive element; and, over a number of years, the nacre eventually becomes the iridescent pearl.  

For this reason, pearls are associated with wisdom — hence, pearls of wisdom. Just like the lotus flower is. That is the gift of enduring and overcoming extended periods of resistance and adversity. Through darkness and challenges, we grow, mature, and open to a depth not possible without difficulty. White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation supports just this — activating new levels of wisdom held in your pearl essence experienced as embodied, heart-felt awareness. 

Together, the pearl and lotus have interwoven roots in one of the most popular Buddhist mantras used to heal and connect to the divine — Om Mani Padme Hum. Pronounced Ohm Man-ee Pad-may Hum, when chanted, it invokes Quan Yin, an ascended master known as the Goddess of Compassion dedicated to the liberation of all beings. Associated with the Lotus Sutras, or sacred Buddhist scripture, Quan Yin is often depicted as wearing a white, flowing robe, while seated in a large lotus flower. When people chant this sacred mantra, they are saying hail to the jewel in the lotus. Quan Yin is that jewel, that white pearl essence of our lotus heart. And so are youOm Mani Padme Hum connects us to the wise and compassionate seed pearl essence we are that activates and radiates through our flowering lotus heart and awakening body.  

This, the purpose of White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation!


Number required: To move to the next healings and activations in level 3 (to be announced), you need to receive 2 White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation sessions. Until the next healing and activation is listed, you may repeat this or any other L1 and L2 healing and activation as many times as you’d like. 

In-person vs remote: In terms of general process and quality, there is no difference between the in-person and remote sessions. Both are equally powerful. It’s simply a matter of personal preference. In-person sessions are only offered to those who have no other option but to meet in person.  

Age limit: You must be at least 8 years of age to receive any of my private healings. 

Pregnancy: If pregnant, you can participate in my Group Starlight Healing ceremonies, but not the private work. 

Mixing modalities: I recommend you do not have energy work done about five days before and seven days after the activation. This includes osteopathy, cranial sacral work, and reiki. More “mechanical” modalities, such as massage and physiotherapy, are fine, as are spiritual practices like Qi Gong and Tai Chi. 

What if you don’t feel any changes? This concern arises occasionally. Because it’s a bit of a longer discussion point and pertains to all my healing services, I’ve listed my answers on this separate page

3 parts to the session

1. Check-in: The session begins with a 15 minute conversation. The purpose is to check in, get a sense of existing challenges / ailments, and to create intentions for the healing.

2. Healing: Next is the 30 minute healing. We sit in our respective chairs in a dyad position, eyes closed, without physical contact or conversing. When the thirty minutes are complete, I gently bring you out of your state.

During the healing you can expect anything from physical discomfort, such as heat and nausea, to emotional release, insights and memories, as well as feelings of calm, joy and lightness. Feelings, such as disgust or even tears of joy, are part of the clearing process. Old energy / trauma is brought to the surface for release such that healthy and vital life force permeates the physiology and pain diminishes. 

3. Integration: The third and final stage is a 5-10 minute integration. By this time, people often feel spacey and light, and need a few minutes to ground in silence. We then proceed with another check-in, sharing what was experienced on both ends. We end by exploring next steps, such as if and when to reschedule.

I wish to also add that it is most helpful to the integrative process if you don’t have to rush off to a meeting, phone call, etc, right after the session. Having time to rest and reflect for even just 20 minutes after assists the psychophysiology to assimilate the healing.  


Though the healing can take weeks, if not months, to integrate, the key integration period is 5-7 days after. During this time it’s common for symptoms to get worse. There can be temporary intensifications in physical discomfort, such as nausea and pain, dreams can become more wild, and unexpected emotions and memories can spontaneously surface. This is all part of the body clearing, reorganizing and upgrading. Old energy / trauma is being released and replaced with healthy, vital life force. 

I no longer offer counselling sessions as added support, but you may find it helpful to have a practitioner you can work with, especially for integration. I recommend Bonnie Davis and Eric Bowers as two excellent, well-trained, trauma-informed somatic healers who will work with you on Zoom, and who understand from personal experience the power of this work. 

Setup for Zoom sessions

If your healing is conducted remotely, please consider the following:

1. Physical space: The security and sanctitude of your physical environment is obviously important. Please be sure that you have uninterrupted time and that noise from humans and animals is limited as much as possible. 

2. Seating: An upright seat, such as one from your dining table, is preferable to a couch. For these sessions it’s important that you are comfortable, yet alert and upright, as if in a meditative position.  

3. Technology: Please ensure that landlines and cell phones are turned off (assuming you are not viewing me through your phone). As well, turn off notifications on your computer, and close any windows open on your browser that have noise from such things as social media notifications or advertisements. Please tend to this prior to our scheduled appointment. If you are not tech savvy, an easy solution is to just make sure all programs are closed except Zoom. 

Booking & Payment

The cost of the session is $130 total. For all booking information, please visit my Fees & Structure page.

Please remember that if you are just beginning your journey of working with me, you’ll need to first experience the level 1 prerequisite healings. If you are unsure where to start, you can email me your questions. Or, you can book a 50 minute intake session which also costs $130.