White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation

Please note that as of April 25, 2022 I am no longer offering this healing and activation as a private session. All my work is now done in online (group) ceremonies. You can receive the benefits of my ceremonial healings and activations even if you are busy and unable to attend on Zoom. More so, ceremonies are no less powerful than privates. In fact, the collective field amplifies personal transformation. Overtime, in various ways, the ceremonies will incorporate and build upon this and other private session themes, while offering new possibilities for healing and empowerment. 

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Welcome to White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation, the first service of level 3!

Carrying forward the momentum from level 2, and with loving support from the overlighting presence of Quan Yin, this session takes you to the next level of purifying your body and heart and opening to the power of your Soul Star Essence


There is a saying in Japan: kajo waraku, which means to have a heart as peaceful, joyful and lovely as that of a flower. The flower is a beautiful symbol of opening our heart to the light we are. And none is more revered in spiritual circles, especially in the Buddhist tradition, than the lotus. Rising from the depth of the dark, it overcomes the dense murky mud to emerge into the light of a new dawn. Unsullied by its journey, its petals are clear and open, receptive to the purity and beauty of life. 

Considering the longstanding suffering and chaos in our world, and the adversity we go through personally, opening the petals of our heart is no small thing. I personally feel that the deepest wound is to the human heart, and that there is no shortage of reasons to keep it closed, hidden in the dark, away from further pain. White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation serves to heal the next layer of these tender wounds that keep our lotus heart closed and us separate from our full-bloom nature. More so, it helps the lotus temple of our entire body to awaken and bloom so it can house the fullness of our higher self. A flowering heart and purified body helps us courageously rise higher through the mud of our deeply held trauma and programming, and embody our shining essence. 

That essence is represented by the seed of the white pearl. This pearl essence carries the truth and memory of who we are as pure and innocent (unsullied) beings, which is what white symbolizes. Like the seed of a plant, this seed essence holds the coded potential for, and activates, the blooming lotus heart and soma, and the qualities associated with higher truth, such as purity and wisdom. 

Along with the lotus flower, pearls, too, have their own journey symbolic of birthing through resistance. Within certain mollusks, when a grain of sand or parasite penetrates the shell, the sea creature secrets a crystalline substance called nacre, also known as “mother of pearl”. Layer after concentric layer is secreted by the mollusk to protect itself from the invasive element; and, over a number of years, the nacre eventually becomes the iridescent pearl.  

For this reason, pearls are associated with wisdom — hence, pearls of wisdom. Just like the lotus flower is. That is the gift of enduring and overcoming extended periods of resistance and adversity. Through darkness and challenges, we grow, mature, and open to a depth not possible without difficulty. White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation supports just this — activating new levels of wisdom held in your pearl essence experienced as embodied, heart-felt awareness. 

Together, the pearl and lotus have interwoven roots in one of the most popular Buddhist mantras used to heal and connect to the divine — Om Mani Padme Hum. Pronounced Ohm Man-ee Pad-may Hum, when chanted, it invokes Quan Yin, an ascended master known as the Goddess of Compassion dedicated to the liberation of all beings. Associated with the Lotus Sutras, or sacred Buddhist scripture, Quan Yin is often depicted as wearing a white, flowing robe, while seated in a large lotus flower. When people chant this sacred mantra, they are saying hail to the jewel in the lotus. Quan Yin is that jewel, that white pearl essence of our lotus heart. And so are youOm Mani Padme Hum connects us to the wise and compassionate seed pearl essence we are that activates and radiates through our flowering lotus heart and awakening body.  

This, the purpose of White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation!

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Number required: To move to the next healing and activation in level 3, Radiant Quan Yin Healing & Activation, you need to receive 2 White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation sessions

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