Welcoming Change ~ 3 Ways to Respond to Uncertainty

Welcoming Change ~ 3 Ways to Respond to Uncertainty

Change is not easy. We are forced to leave the familiar and venture into the unknown. We’re not clear where we are going, how we will get there, and if we’ll be ok. But whether we like it or not, slowly we are being pulled into the unchartered.

There are three ways we tend to respond when faced with the inexorable pull of change:

1. Force: We make rash decisions and anxiously push our way through. We want it to be over with.

2. Denial: We act passively, pretending change is not happening, even though we know it is.

3. Acceptance: We lead from our belly, acting as a conscious participant, and accepting the truth of the situation no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

In acceptance, we still may not know what to do. We trust the unfolding of our path, including our lack of clarity on how to proceed.

And then one day, without making a mental choice, we just know it is time. The warm belly of our deeper knowing turns before the head does. And in the softness of surrender, we step forward and welcome a new beginning.

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