We Heal Not To Continue Healing, But To Live

We Heal Not To Continue Healing, But To Live

There comes a point along the healing journey when we reach a threshold. We know, intuitively, that it’s time—time to translate all the wisdom we have gathered and gifts awakened into art, into service; time to make courageous changes, to stop searching and begin planting roots for living.

It’s time to make ourselves much more available to life, to those who need us.

For those who’ve been staunchly committed to their healing journey for years, this can feel incredibly daunting. A great deal of time and energy has been given to turning inwards toward pains and struggles, to giving their fullest attention to themselves. But to now suddenly land somewhere and turn outwards, to commit to someone or something new, to step into the vast landscape of life and face it head on, can be awfully frightening.

How tempting it is to attend another self-help workshop, to sit with just one more guru. Indeed, there is great comfort for seekers in healing. Healing becomes a purpose in itself, and, if we are not careful, a place to hide out.

Yet, here you are at the threshold. You know, you just feel, this ship that has carried you so very well has run its course. Something new is now needed from you.

And it begins with rooting yourself, and extending outwards with a different kind of vulnerability from that experienced on your healing path. It’s about integrating all you have gathered by learning to live in your broken state, as a wounded warrior, a wounded healer.

The Earth calls for you now to give yourself to those waiting for your gifts, to share the hard-won gold only found in darkness.

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