Vase of Celebration Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for healing patterns of self-abnegation and celebrating yourself as one with life

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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With our Vase being breathed awake and alive by our Higher Self, a breath that has no ending or beginning, we realize the Truth that there has never been “my life”, only Life worth Celebrating!

There are many things worth celebrating. An anniversary, the opening day of a new business, graduation from college, a book published, recovering from illness; with likely the greatest of all celebrations being the birth of a child. We celebrate alone or with others, in our reflective journeys of personal becoming or in our shared growth as a family or community. Each time we celebrate we bring joy to our hearts, and to each other and the world. 

Children are our greatest teachers in this, celebrating the smallest of everyday experiences. Just the other day I saw a little girl ecstatic in her desire to put groceries in a bag. And I’m sure you’ve seen how delighted children are when splashing through puddles. For children, small is BIG! What seems mundane and insignificant to adults is, for little wondrous ones, the full delight of their immediate world.

Children, we say, are closest to God. They feel soulful rhythms and riches in their open hearts that excite them, inspire wonder and imagination, and have them dream of worlds upon worlds beyond the banalities of our time and space. They express this unbounded consciousness and curious delight by waving a big “Hello!” to unknown passersby, with no inhibition at all, as if old friends; and they gaze into newfound eyes in time-stopping intimacy, reminding us that we are not alone. We are family in busy disguise. 

In these and countless other acts of joyful union, children reveal the Heart of Celebration that is the heart this ceremony. Independent of all human events, of having and doing, celebration is the joyful realization of our Oneness with the beauty and wonder of All That Is. It is the visceral, awakened experience of knowing ourselves as the One Body of God in sublime infinite manifestations. Looking at a slug, we see ourselves moving in slow, slimy, shimmering motion. Gazing at the stars, we see countless twinkling eyes, our own eyes, peering down and winking at us. Feeling into our beloved’s warm heart and body, we feel our own, just as a mother still feels her child as part of herself, though no longer in the womb. 

Celebration is the embodied recognition and aliveness that comes with birthing this awareness and Truth into every cell, and in our heart. Alas, we feel the Breath of Life breathing us in full. We realize this unbounded animating force of God, the Divine Mother, as ourselves; as everywhere and nowhere, with no beginning or end, like wind, suffusing and de-lighting our body, filling it to overflow. With Whales and Rivers, Tulips and Acorns, babies and elders, we inhale and exhale as one breathing, beating Body of Life, our collective breath rising and falling like the great seas. 

This is love. Love is the force that magnetically brings us together, in divine, harmonious union. It’s the heart of longing that wishes to be with others, close, intimate, merging in body, mind, soul. It’s this realized Oneness that compels us to love and respect one another, all sentient life, to the highest order. We love everything as ourselves, and desire to joyously give this love to overflow, in sweet embrace.

This ceremony is here to inspire this Truth and Love in you through embodied realization. It comes at a time when humanity is purposely being distracted and divided at monstrous levels, ushered along paths of greater fear and unholiness. And so the Realms of Light come to escalate your personal empowerment by breathing life into and purifying you, which opens you and uplifts you into your divine inheritance of All That Is to Celebrate. All That Is You!

A direct transmission from the Realms of Light awakens this embodied realization of Oneness, your place of belonging, in your cells and heart. It’s a healing and activation meant to give you both the feeling of celebration and being celebrated. You are recognized and honoured as a whole, holy human being lacking nothing; a brave Warrior of Light perfectly and intimately woven into the Kingdoms of Life. To the degree you are open and ready, you are reconciled to the Truth of how loved you are as one with God, the Divine Mother, the Breath of Life; you are reconciled to the unwavering Truth that you are worth celebrating, now, which inspires you to celebrate life’s abundance, like an ever-present wondrous child.

Merging with this broadcast of Truth and Love activates the resonant crystalline light codes of your spiritual DNA woven into the matrix of your Higher Self, as part of its unique genetic blueprint. The soul codes that resonate with this transmission from the Realms of Light come alive in your carbon-based DNA, upgrading its structure to crystalline. At the quantum level you are transformed, with your body, mind and heart rebirthed by the divine celebratory qualities these codes hold.

More of your Higher Self anchors in your sacred form, and you de-light in this! Your subtle energy channels charge and new neurological pathways form carrying these specific light frequencies. You fill more with the heavenly qualities that are innate to your Higher Self, as a perfect reflection of the Glories of Eternal Life you are; all of which inspires celebration!

The Vase represents your body. Its round or circular shape signifies fullness, wholeness, unity and eternity. The space within represents both the emptiness and fullness of the Breath of Life. It is the Divine Feminine Womb of no-thing, the primordial birthing space from which all life emanates, or flows outward. The Vase, and thus your body, contains the unimaginable space of infinite potential ready to actualize. It is where you are born anew, filled with the liquid light, divine breath and immaculate qualities of your Higher Self.

To be used at its fullest potential, your Vase must first empty the murky and toxic water of painful memories and limiting stories, of trauma and past and collective programming. The Realms of Light are here to empty you of these burdens, some spanning lifetimes, that manifest in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual ailments. For example, these Celebratory Waves of Love can clear engrained patterns of being hard on yourself through judgment and unreasonable high expectations; of struggling to see goodness in yourself, let alone appreciate who you are; of diminishing your power versus standing out and glorifying yourself. 

Some of these patterns of self-hatred, self-blame and self-shame may come from religious indoctrination that has convinced countless souls to self-punish and even mutilate their bodies; to believe in inherent sinfulness. Some self-persecuting beliefs likely come from childhood trauma, stemming from abuse and neglect, which can create perceptions that one is deeply and inherently bad or wrong, or “too much”. And some beliefs likely come from viral programming, like through (social) media, entertainment and advertising, that convinces people to believe they are ugly or not good enough, and that has contributed to the alarming levels of suicidal ideation amongst young people. This transmission is here to empty this murky, toxic water from your Vase, so that it may fill with the pure liquid light of Higher Truth that is your Holy Spirit; a Truth that declares you and your body are beautiful and holy beyond measure. You are worth celebrating on all levels — body, mind and soul. 

Letting yourself receive this transmission, and be and feel celebrated, is indeed a radical act and beautiful gift to receive. It’s a powerful declaration of innate worth and goodness, even if some of you feels scared and undeserving of this blessing. After all, for most it’s much easier to appreciate others than receive appreciation. Those scared, resistant, tender parts are what the Realms of Light are here to serve most. They are parts, I must emphasize, not the whole of you. Therefore, in your intention setting, which I support you on via the link below, you can state: I want to heal the part of me that’s afraid of being appreciated / celebrated. If that doesn’t feel right, you can state: I want to heal the fear of being appreciated / celebrated. 

When we say “part”, for example, by stating, “Part of me feels ashamed for what I said”, or “Part of me feels undeserving of this”, we recognize it’s not the whole of who we are. This perspective creates space to acknowledge there is more to us than this part; to remember our goodness and innocence, and to celebrate ourselves, even if some parts are not quite ready to come to the party!

To summarize: By emptying your Vase through healing, and filling it through light code activation, with your Higher Self, you remember this Spirit of Celebration as your own. As perfectly, purely you! Self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-reverence become more natural, which translates into how you perceive and relate to others. It becomes harder to dwell on what’s missing or wrong in you, others and the world; for you live true to the Spirit of Celebration, and find more reasons to express it. To pour forth the sweet liquid light you are.

You return to what all children instinctively know — that we deserve to be cherished and rejoiced in. To celebrate and be celebrated! This is our Great Return to remembering ourselves as innocent, wondrous, boundless Children of God, a God that rejoices Herself through us, as us, in every breath. 

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