Starlight Healing Circles ~ Online Interactive Events for Health and Empowerment

Intimate. Interactive. Inspiring!
Join me for an upcoming Starlight Healing Circle!

Includes a 30 minute group healing
Limited to 8 people

ost: $77 CDN (Includes tax)
Location: Zoom

“I have not been able to feel being loved, even after a lot of work. Today, during our Starlight Healing Circle, I can say I felt it.” ~ Nomita 

Next Circles: 

~ Follow Your Heart Theme: Sunday, February 28: 4:00pm to 6:30pm Pacific Standard Time (Sold out!)

~ Open Your Heart Theme: Saturday, March 13: 11:00am to 1:30pm Pacific Standard Time (6 spots left)

Circles will be scheduled at various times to accommodate different time zones. Check here for availability or subscribe to my Monday Inspiration Newsletter for updates. 

New to Healing With Starlight? Watch the five minute video and read more here.

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“Having just participated in a Starlight Healing Circle, I could go on and on about what a beautiful experience it was (and yes, I saw starlight!). Vince operates at a very high frequency, yet is one of the most embodied and grounded individuals I know. He brings a plethora of healing tools to the table, yet takes credit for none of the healing. Suffice to say, I’ve already registered for another Starlight Healing Circle next month!” ~ Bonnie

Starlight Healing Circles are a unique opportunity to gather with myself and seven others in an inspiring, intimate and interactive forum. During our 2.5 hours together, we’ll engage in a variety of rich topics related to health and empowerment, and you’ll also receive a powerful Starlight Healing! 

Certain Circles have themes, such as the Inner Star Child. For “General” Circles, discussion points are not determined ahead of time. I prefer to feel into the group and their needs, and listen to my inner guidance on what topics are best. Questions are welcome, as this is an interactive event. 

Discussion points include:

  • The mystery and power of starlight to heal and transform 
  • The nature of trauma and trauma resolution
  • Liberating your Inner Star Child
  • Conscious relationships
  • Empowered communication
  • Awakening intuition
  • Standing in your power
  • Surrender and the spiritual journey
  • Self-care and Self-love

Find details on each of these topics further below, just past the registration section.

Ultimately, the intention of Starlight Healing Circles is to connect you more deeply to your higher self and activate your divine potential. Given the rising levels of complexity and confusion on our planet, and the pivotal times we are in, we need as many standing in their power and purpose as possible. 

Starlight transmutes what can’t be seen and understood. It does not work with the story, yours or your ancestors’, but heals the energetic imprints, releasing you from continuing the story of trauma, releasing humanity from its longstanding dream.
General format

0:00 – 1:00: Connect, learn, engage
1:00 – 1:10: Break
1:10 – 1:40: Intention setting for the group healing
1:40 – 2:10: Group healing
2:10 – 2:30: Integration and close

Preparation, Safety, Integration
“The Starlight Healing Circle was amazing! I’m still feeling a clearing take place, more ease, all such positive shifts that I did not expect to happen. Thank you so much, Vince, for the important work you are doing!” ~ Rebecca

Intention setting: 

Please spend time clarifying and writing your intentions before the Circle begins. Choose no more than 6. You can have fewer, but I encourage you to have as close to 6 as possible. Be sure to have your written intentions with you when we begin. Please don’t email them to me. 

  • Inner Star Child Theme: This will be a healing for your Inner Star Child. At least two intentions must be what you want for your Inner Star Child and at least two must be what s/he wants from the healing, for a total of six. To be clear, adult you and the child in you both get a say on what the intentions are. 
  • All other themes: Your intentions can be whatever feels right to you

This article and the 25 adverse experiences listed at the bottom of it may help you prepare your intentions. Tips for writing your intentions include:

  • Be as specific as possible, speaking to both past and present issues
    • Past: Adversities during childhood you want healing on, such as abuse, neglect or birth traumas
    • Present: Mental, emotional and spiritual issues, such as anxiety and depression. And don’t forget physical ailments, such as psoriasis, digestion, moon time issues, general aches and pains, etc. 
  • Use intentional language — “I want to heal the trauma from childhood abuse.” Or, “I want to heal the pain in my left hip.” Or, “I want to sleep better / have more energy.”
  • Please only use one sentence per intention

Declaration and safety: During the Circle, be prepared to say out loud what you want healing on — to declare your intentions. This level of vulnerable public disclosure is not for everyone, which is why I make this clear here. This is a circle of safe intimacy, where we come together in the authenticity and commonality of the joys and pains of the human journey. 

I’d like to also add we’ll be setting up rules of confidentiality at the start, and that the Zoom call will not be recorded. 

Physical setting: Choose a quiet and safe environment for the Circle. During the group healing you will be seated, ideally not on a couch, but on a firm chair, as if in meditation. As compared to reiki, where you lay on a table, healing with starlight is more active.

Integration: The healing can activate emotional and physical discomfort days after. This is part of the clearing process as your body/mind/soul integrates the starlight frequency. 

For more information on this, how to set intentions, and group healing in general, please click here. 


The fee for the Starlight Healing Circle is $77 CDN, including taxes.

A 48 hour cancellation notice is required if you want your fee refunded. Should you cancel with less than that time remaining, you will not be reimbursed, nor can your payment be transferred to any future circles or other services I offer. To cancel, email me at

Please only register yourself. I’ve set up the booking system to not allow multiple registrations at once. It’s my way of inviting each person to take initiative for their attendance. The healing only works if each attendee chooses from their own volition to be there. Having each person register themselves is my small way of encouraging this possibility. 

The minimum age requirement is 18 years old — mature subject matter, such as sexual / physical abuse, may come up during the event. 

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Detailed discussion points

The mystery and power of starlight to heal and transform

Starlight is the frequency of stillness, and stillness is the frequency of transmutation
  • From “Twinkle, twinkle” to a powerful force for transformation: Starlight’s important role in humanity’s evolutionary timeline
  • How starlight transmutes trauma imprints and programming encoded into our quantum cellular fabric into a higher light frequency
  • Ways starlight activates portals and bridges us to Cosmic Consciousness

The nature of trauma and trauma resolution

If you are open, if you are ready, starlight will reveal to you that all illness — mental, emotional, physical, spiritual — is a deviation from light, from love. Illness can only exist in the shadows of love.
  • Healing as a path to embodiment and wholeness: Understanding and integrating shadow and fragmented aspects of self
  • The impact abuse, neglect and other traumas have on emotional and physical health, personal boundaries, belief systems and identity
  • Ancestral trauma: The epigenetics of inherited patterns / imprints
  • Chronic and mysterious pain: Possible origins; finding its message and wisdom

Liberating your Inner Star Child

We cannot birth a new world without healing and liberating our inner star child
  • The relationship between how we parent our inner star child and how we, ourselves, were parented
  • Unlocking the gifts and purpose of your inner star child and your soul star essence
  • Re-parenting, and the activation of the inner parent as guardian of the inner star child
  • The union of inner parent and inner star child: Liberating the whole human and the birth of the Universal Child. ~ A Star is Born!

Conscious relationships

Relationships are a sacred and challenging vehicle for healing and empowerment — for making the unconscious conscious
  • How and why children sacrifice authenticity for attachment, and how this survival adaptation creates blueprints for future relationships
  • Trauma bonds: The relationship between addiction to trauma and toxic, co-dependent relationships
  • How our partner (and family, employers and friends) acts as a powerful mirror showing us our trauma imprints and developmental themes

Empowered communication

Authentic communication is the expression of authentic communion — with self and others
  • The impact traumatic events have on our ability to communicate authentically 
  • How fear and shame impede expression
  • The courage and even anger needed to reclaim our voice
  • Tools for expressing needs, desires, and boundaries (including saying “No!”)

Awakening intuition

In times of uncertainty, the still, small voice within is your greatest ally
  • What is intuition? The science and spirituality of embodied intelligence
  • Discerning intuition from fear and programmed thoughts
  • How healing and embodiment increase access to intuition
  • Tools for trusting and expressing intuition

Standing in your power

Healing frees our power from lifetimes of systematic oppression. These times demand that each of us shine brightly.
  • Discerning between being positive and being real
  • The courage needed to stand up, speak out and walk away
  • Inner and outer obstacles and shifts encountered when we step into our power
  • How the more we feel, the less we fit in

Surrender and the spiritual journey

We are not separate from the world, or from life. Each of us is one cell in the larger body of humanity, one soul in our shared Cosmic Biology
  • The myth and dream of “normal”: The manifestations of trauma in our societal systems and structures, and how healing is the great disrupter 
  • The path of emptying and wisdom of uncertainty to open to and embody your higher self
  • Inner and outer challenges encountered along the path of spiritual awakening
  • Raising frequency to access different dimensions of life. Awakening to the mythical world beyond the veil.

Self-care and Self-love

“Love is a place we go when we no longer wish to hide.” ~ Unknown
  • Prioritizing yourself in a world that prioritizes busyness and others first
  • Why slow is hard for a traumatized / dysregulated nervous system 
  • Examining beliefs and assumptions that impede self-care and self-love
  • Tools and daily practices for resourcing / self-regulation and self-love

Healing with starlight is the act of letting Love in

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