Playing with Global Change

Playing with Global Change

“Life commences not with birth, but with the awakening of awareness.” ~ Frank Yerby.

The purpose of Remembering to Play is to show that play is not just something to do on the side, slotted amongst the many duties and obligations we have throughout the week. Rather, it is a way of being in the world grounded in wisdom, joy and creativity. And it is a way of living that can support the global change amongst us.

As we can see from the news lately in Egypt and Libya, old regimes are crumbling, replaced by a new collective spirit. The old is finding it harder to stand on the foundations from which it was built. These foundations are based on belief systems and ideologies rooted in fear, lack and greed; examples include “there is only so much”, “I must work hard”, “sacrifice”, “doing what is right”. These old paradigms are an expression of a deeper belief that we are separate from one another, and from a larger intelligence based in love, wisdom and infinite possibilities. And that we are alone, and must make our way through life alone.

These beliefs are losing their power, and attempts to live by them will increasingly become futile. The collective spirit and wisdom of awakening communities throughout the world are usurping them.

We are all being touched by these changes in one way or another. And they are calling us to look at what old regime we are still working with within. Where are we driven by fear, greed, lack, and the idea that we are separate or disconnected from the greater whole? Where are we remembering to work, versus play?

“Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it.” ~ Unknown

We can best support Egypt and Libya by questioning our old modus operandi. We can best hold the space for new, positive change in the world by being open to the new and positive that wants to flow through us. And we can invite the new into our lives by reconnecting to the spirit of imagination, co-creation and limitlessness found in play. As we do so, we are no longer simply witnessing global change, we are also catalysts for it.

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