No Guarantees

I can confidently say that good comes out of every healing. It’s impossible to experience the energy transmission and have it just bounce off with no penetration into the body-mind-soul. Yet, despite this, some of my clients are disappointed when they don’t feel any shift in their health and well-being. 

Let’s explore this further…

Having completed an individual or group starlight healing, most people notice a marked change in their mental, emotional, physical and/ or spiritual state. For some, it’s a complete eradication of symptoms — emotionally they feel better than they have in years and physical ailments are 100% healed. For others, as demonstrated in the testimonials, they experience only partial improvement. And then there are those who don’t experience anything. 

Key reasons for not getting the results you want include:

  • Subtlety: A layer has been healed, but not enough has been released to feel the subtle shift.
  • Time to integrate: The healing has planted the seed of healthy change that will blossom into felt-awareness in the perfect time and season. In other words, the healing needs further time to integrate, sometimes months. People may wake up one morning three months down the road and feel different. They won’t attribute it to our work together, but nonetheless, the shift has made its way into conscious experience. 
  • Evolutionary course: The illness has not fully run its necessary evolutionary course through the body/mind/spirit; meaning, there is still learning to be gained from enduring through the suffering. Perhaps one needs to humble or slow down more, or the illness is meant to open the individual to their creativity, wisdom, purpose, or an unforeseen encounter. Until that time, the pain is required “curriculum”, a necessary teacher to listen to.
  • Identification with pain: The individual identifies with the illness to such a degree that they are not ready to depart from it. Usually done unconsciously, they still depend on it to define themselves and their lifestyle. The more steeped the pain is in the system, the greater the “comfort” can be with that pain. Herein lies a perceived security that underlies and upholds one’s pain-identity: I am my pain. One must be ready enough to release or surrender that identity to open to the healing.

Suffice to say, though it always works, there is a possibility that you don’t get your desired results, at least at the desired time. Therefore, I must state that I do not make any guarantees.