Light of Truth

Light of Truth

~ Unknown ~

You say that my mind is the master of all illusions and I have been deceived by it. Why have I allowed this to happen?

You have allowed this to happen because on a deeper level you do not want to know the Truth.

At this point in time, the Light of Truth would expose all of your hidden baggage that you carry around and this is not something you would want to face all in one go. It would overwhelm you so your mind needs to create illusions for you.

You have too much baggage buried deep in the unconscious mind for you to deal with in one go. It would drive you mad to look at it. You need to lighten the load bit by bit.

The spiritual path is kind and would never try to take away from you that which you are not willing to give. Be gentle on yourself and bring to the light that which you are ready to let go of. It will be replaced with the
Light of Truth.

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