Level 2 Healings & Activations

Welcome to my Level 2 Healings & Activations page!

Level 2 Healings & Activations are for those who have completed the Level 1 Healing requirements. In essence, through sufficient clearing of trauma imprints and programming, Level 1 Healings create quantum space and openness to receive this next step. You are ready for level 2 activations of dormant light codes, a boost to the magnetic resonance of your trillions of cells, and a harmonization of body, mind, soul. And you are ready to download the purity of higher frequencies that connect you more fully with your heart and the Divine Blueprint for your existence, and all of Creation. 

There are three level 2 sessions. They are listed below in the order in which you need to take them. I’ve also stated the number of times you need to do each (See “Number required”) before moving to the next session. Once you have completed the requirements, you qualify to receive Level 3 Healings & Activations


Stargate Magnetic Activation

Focus: DNA activation and boosting magnetic resonance
Cost: $130
Number required: 1 session

Stargate Magnetic Activation is like a lift-off into higher planes of consciousness. With enough quantum space created in your genome and enough of your crystalline light body anchored in, you can now have your newly embodied higher self frequency amplified. Stargate Magnetic Activation supports just this, while also activating dormant light codes in your DNA. Both awaken you more fully to your genetic potential. 

For most, only one session is required before moving to the next level 2 service I offer: Diamond Light Healing & Activation. See below!

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“The Stargate Magnetic Activation was a powerful harmonization. It was as if parts of me that were out of tune or did not know what part to play came together, and came to life. I did not realize how large my energy field could be.” ~ Pearl


Diamond Light Healing & Activation

Focus: Opening the heart and to soul purpose
Cost: $130
Number required: 5 sessions

Diamond Light is the high frequency of pure consciousness that holds the potential for tremendous transformation and spiritual awakening. 

Diamond Light Healing & Activation continues to heal energetic blocks and amplify your resonant field, but at the next level. It also activates Diamond Light codes and frequencies dormant in your DNA, which increases your vibratory frequency to a whole new level — to that of the Master Crystal’s Light — and edges you closer to your sacred centre and soul purpose.

Your heart is where this healing and activation wishes to take you, opening you more deeply to its purity, innocence and unconditional love. All previous healing and activation work is ultimately for this purpose. For, love is who you are.

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Diamond Cross Healing & Heart Activation

Focus: Opening to the Star of Innocence through the Activated Heart
Cost: $130
Number required: 1 session

This is the final healing and activation of level 2.

Having received the prerequisite Diamond Light Healings & Activations, you are ready to cross a key threshold into your sacred centre and embody a new level of unity consciousness, as symbolically represented by the Diamond Cross. The frontier that is your heart is pure and open enough to do so.

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